Feeling Down?

We all want an unflappably positive demeanor. We want to be the kind of people that waltz through life smiling and disregarding circumstances, determined to focus on God. Often the Gospel is preached as if the Christian life is a panacea for sadness—cosmic kiss of death to depression.

Yet, despite wanting this and sometimes even believing it to be possible, we still find ourselves not trusting God in moments of despair. We still brood and feel sorry for ourselves and generally act very much in opposition to how we think “good Christians” are supposed to act.

Humanity has an intimate relationship with melancholy. Every book of the Bible is peppered with references to ill-treatment, dissatisfaction and hopelessness. There are very few psalms overflowing with unfettered jubilation.

It’s almost as if these feelings are part and parcel of the human experience or something.

Been Thinking About has been ruminating on Depression and the Christian life these past few days. They have some interesting things to say:

If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that there is a delicate, complex relationship between body, soul, and spirit. We are so wonderfully, mysteriously, and fearfully made that a disruption in our physical health can cloud our minds, just as a failure of spirit can affect the chemistry of our body. […]

There are times when a change of mind or perspective can do for us what the Psalmist so often experienced (i.e. Psalm 73). Sometimes it’s a good nights rest, a good walk, times with friends, and a few good laughs. On other occasions, an honest, heart-wrenching struggle with God—to the point of surrender—is desperately needed.

Jump over to read the rest; the comments are particularly good.

For more on this topic, Been Thinking also points to Christianity Today’s recent cover article about depression.

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