Finding Hope in the Midst of a Job Search

The anxiety of losing a job can be crippling. One feels as if the life they have cultivated over the years just collapsed, and even in good economic times job searches take time. One’s purpose in life seems fleeting as the days of unemployment start to count up.

It is often while waiting for interviews or during the days of trawling the classifieds that even the ardently optimistic succumb to hopelessness. The weight of it all just becomes overwhelming.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s a brief excerpt from a helpful article by Christian Career Center titled Finding Hope in Troubled Times:

While there are key tactics that can help people find jobs more quickly, one of the most important strategies is cultivating a sense of hopefulness. Hope is critical to a successful job search. Without hope, we lose momentum and stop taking action to move forward. With hope, however, we are motivated to keep going. Hope enables us to believe that things will get better and that we will be able to overcome the present difficulties.

The source of hope for Christians, of course, is not a new President or new economic strategies, but, rather, God. And yet, while we may profess to believe in a God who knows us by name, cares about our lives, and has the power to see us through whatever difficulties we encounter, we may still find ourselves wrestling with despair and discouragement. How about you? If you could use more hope in your life and job search, try out these suggestions…

Head over to Christian Career Center to finish the article.

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