Flooding in India prompts Christian ministries to respond

Last week, floods swept through Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India, causing massive destruction and leaving thousands homeless. Mission Network News reports that Christian ministries have been stepping up to the plate to help with relief efforts:

The mass flooding in India has so far claimed the lives of over 230 people and has displaced thousands more. The damage has obviously been detrimental enough to label this flood as the worst in the century. But according to several media sources, relief efforts from the Indian government have been inadequate. The unfortunately deficient response has left many victims of the flooding without even basic needs to survive the aftermath of the large scale natural disaster.

A cry for help has unsurprisingly been let out for others to step in and take care of the victims. India Partners quickly stepped in by providing immediate and longer-term assistance.

“Our partners on the ground are going to provide food and blankets, clean water and medicine for survivors,” explains India Partners’ Brent Hample.

Gospel For Asia has a special section on their website about relief efforts in the aftermath of the flooding, which includes some stirring photos of the stricken area and the relief work underway there. Let’s keep the flood survivors and the relief operations in our prayers.

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