What is heaven like?

When a Christ-follower dies, what happens next? From the clever metaphors of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce to the structured hierarchy of Dante’s Paradiso, different Christians have painted very different images of what heaven is like.

Heaven, the afterlife, the kingdom of God… what do you think it is, or will be, like?

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  • phyllis chan says:

    Heaven is a place prepared by god for all believers( Hid Children)after the earth has passed. God himself will live with His children. There will be no tears and sickness and most of all, life is eternal there. According to Revelation 21:15-27, Heaven is a place of 1400 sq. miles in length, width, and height.The wall of the city is 200 ft thick; the city is made of pure gold and the wall is made of jasper, the foundation stone of the city wall is made up of all kinds of precious stones.Anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful will not enter here; only those whose names are writen in the book of life will enter .

  • Rev Dr Roy Catchpole says:

    I know this is not very sophisticated. It lack academic respectability, and it’s even a bit questionable biblically(!) Still, here you go for what it’s worth…
    I think of heaven as a bit like Star Trek – where you can travel for eternity without pain or ageing (well, nearly every disease is cured in Star Trek and I know the characters do get old), anyway … and find new worlds and new civilisations, and new expressions of the incredible inventiveness of God, and in the relational realm, to experience such depth and strength of being that the mere physical body could never sustain without exploding! Well, that’s what I imagine anyway. By the way, I am not a ‘Trekkie’ – just a normal Christian. You probably guessed I like the happy-clappy, too.

  • LERAINY says:

    Actually, Afterlife cannot be compared to the present life. I think –and believe– that it is very very different. Paradise is not like any beautiful or marvellous country or places on the earth. No!

    That is the little I can say

    Thank you


  • Alex Foo says:

    Hi there this is my first time posting a comment here.

    When a Christ-follower dies, what happens next?
    His spirit will be ‘resting’ in Hades, or Paradise referred by Jesus when the Son of Man was crucified on the cross. When the end comes, Jesus will come back again for the second time, call, and the dead will rise. those who do good will rise and live, those who do evil will rise and be condemned.

    what do you think it is, or will be, like?
    Heaven is God’s footstool. But even when the end comes, the heaven and the earth will fade. God is now in heaven, but even now as referred to the book of Revelation, 1/3 of the angels will be banished from heaven to join Satan. Heaven is like what John said, jasper, gems, gold, such a beautiful dwelling place.
    Also, in John 14 Jesus said He will go and prepare a place for us. He said He would have told us plainly if there is no room, but He is now going to prepare a place. Yay! Am I secured my place in heaven? God saved me =)

  • Alex Foo says:

    Sorry, heaven is God’s throne, earth is God’s footstool.

  • ralph chapman says:

    I believe you will enter threw the pearly gates and walk on streets of gold everyone will be walking around fellowshipping and praising god just as it says in the bible. But after that I picture everyone being aloted some place to stay. Never getting tired or feeling any pain be being content and talking to the almighty and praising him as well as talking with the other christian and the angels.

  • Lorenzo says:

    I honestly feel that the Holy Scripture that stated ” Eyes have not seen, and Ears Have not heard the spectale that awaits for those whom Love HIM” may some it up the best. On some days I feel tired,lonely,week,and Broken. I could only imagine that it is a million times better than the best things upon this Earth. I could imagine that if a fallen creation such as this Earth can still harbor some beauty and priceless moments full of glory,then Heaven will just take our breath away. I believe that the Feeling of Hope will finally be found and tears and sorrow will no ,no more. I believe that YESHUA the Messiah of Nazareth will be upon his Heavenly Palace and we will serve him full heartedly. I believe all temptations and sins will be washed away and gone for forever. I believe Love will be written upon everyone’s HEart and the beauty of it is ,is that they will be able to express it in so many delightful and cool ways. I believe there will be many cities and universes in which we can Dwell with YHWH JEHOVAH and his angels and us can serve Him always. I feel like he’d speak with us and we together can reighn with him as his children. I believe that he has something so special and beautiful planned I can really sit here and fathommn what it would be like. This is why I repent and seek daily and Why I search for the Gospel. It is the only way and though I make mistakes and stumble I just pray Jesus Christ to create in me a new and clean heart to serve him and walk on the straight and narrow. I really need his Joy and Love.

  • Kristi says:

    In the bible it says that heaven will have streets of gold, everyone will have no more worries, and we will forever live with our god.

  • wildflower says:

    I believe that Heaven will be a place of beauty, rest, serenity incredible peace for i have been there…..i had a child that died before birth, and an Angel took us to Heaven, so that i could hold him and then the Angel took him across the creek to God…She said that i couldn’t go because it was not my time yet…..God Bless us all.

  • Paul longed to be with Christ but thought it was better to stay here on earth and help us out. Most Christians I believe are looking forward to heaven but as the old country song says “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die”. The Bible says there will be no more sorrow there and peace will reign supreme. The Lion will lie down with the Lamb and the city of God, The New Jerusalem which will come to earth will have streets paved with gold,and along the streets will be trees with healing for all. Earth is a beautiful place now, but just wait and see what it is going to be like when Jesus reigns here! And the best part is that we can join the angels in continuous praise to God and I love to sing God’s praises!

  • John Gain says:

    Jesus told that “Kingdom of God near your hand so Church is kingdom of God and baptized people is member of kingdom of God. John

  • Maricor yang says:

    Heaven is heaven holy place of Gods kingdom, a promise land to all that we want it to be As earth as it in Heaven as we obey Gods law and doing His work together with Him no heart ache in our heart always our minds in His steps and our hands is on His wisdom our feet to his path and you may feel HEAVEN all days of your life becauase GOD IS WITH YOU! as “YOU” are His Holy place to live, His temple and dwelling place and in Gods heart OUR HOME FOREVER!

    As it said Ephesians 6:23-24
    Peace to be to the brethren, and love with faith from God the Father n the Lord Jesus Christ Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen

  • Va Dobreff says:

    When my father was dying I asked the Lord to show me what he was seeing. I saw him walking through corn fields (being led by what I believe were angels) when he reached the end of the rows he was met by my mother although I had never seen her look as she did. She was ageless. He walked to a river and when he went in he began cupping the water and splashing it all over himself. As he did so he appeared younger and younger and while he was doing it I noticed his arms and the tattoos he got as a young sailor during the war were gone! He was laughing and would have stayed there because he felt so good and happy. He was led from the river (again by angels) up the bank to a large table – I noticed it ran the entire lenght of the river and that others were coming out of the river as well. At the table he was given something to eat like a large fruit. He as then told it was time to meet Him. He was taken before the Lord – I was told I could not see anymore, it was not my time. As the visiion faded I knew that daddy felt he was the only one with Him that it was an audiance of one but the last thing I saw was that there were many there each feeling as if they were the only one standing before the Lord. I also understood that we each pass from here to Him through a place that is special to us – I believe I’ll walk along a beach to enter – but that afterwards I’ll bathe in the river of life, eat of the tree of life and see my Savior face to face. I hope this gives you comfort if you have lost someone recently and I believe with all my heard that the Lord gave me this vision to share. Your sister in Christ.

  • selena lubell says:

    What is Heaven like.

    heaven or the heavens is the seat of the THRONE, heaven is the government of God . all those who have the previlege to go there will be doing work. God’s Kingdom is work. The bible tells us that the Twenty Four Elders cast their crowns at the feet of God and glorify HIM.

    I believe God to say he will bring to us on earth (a new earth ) the place He wants us to have , A new Jerusalem. The book of Enoch describes the sweet perfume smell , the beauty , the glory of His Presence and all else.
    I will be satisfied living in the new Jerusalem. What ever God wills, is fine with me.Heaven is not a disney world , fitted to meet the desire of this or any other culture, God is the God for all peoples.
    Why can’t we wait to be surprised or excited by the glory to be revealed.

  • Youth Minister Sataira C. says:

    Read Rev 22 and 23 then you will know what it’s like

  • Youth Minister Sataira C. says:

    And Rev 21

  • heaven is such a wanderfull place that we can not imagine how beatfull it is butbiblcally it is aplace free of death,free of crying,free of pain since Revelatin 21 vs 4 states or says ”the will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain ,for the old oder of things has passed away”

  • Nancy says:

    Heaven, to me is indiscribable,but believe me I am looking forward to it in great anticipation. May be it is like a “Family Circus” cartoon I saw once where one of the little children says “Heaven is a great big hug that lasts forever”. I really don’t know, but I do know Christ Jesus paid the price for me so I will be there to sing praises to him and know life in a whole new way than being here on earth. I love it here, but will love heaven with a new awe.

  • Nelson says:

    I have concern about Heaven, please try to understand this. By no means am I saying that being with God will not be an unfathomable experience. We are told that He will wipe away every tear, yet there is something that troubles me.

    How does God wipe away the tears of a broken relationship? I was dating a Christian girl for a couple years, but I could just not commit to her for marriage, it caused me a great deal of anxiety. I broke off our relationship a while ago, but she still wanted us to be together. I thought eventually I would feel comfortable with the idea and we would be married. I love her, but due to my own weakness, sinfulness, and indecision I let it go too long. She recently has met someone and has moved on. I asked her to marry me and she said no. She is not even comfortable talking to me any more.

    It is very, very painful. We had such a deep connection. I find myself longing to hold her, to look into her eyes and tell her how much she means to me and to share that beautiful connection again. I miss the romance we shared and I am overcome by my own regret for letting her go.

    So in regards to Heaven, how is this heartbroken state fixed? We are told there is no marriage, presumably no physical, emotional intimacy between the sexes in a romantic sense? How can this sort of pain be healed in Heaven? If just being with God were enough, why did He create the sexes in Eden before the Fall? He obviously intentioned romantic love from the beginning. So how does a broken heart get healed in Heaven?

  • Katie says:

    Dear Nelson,

    GOd will heal your broken heart here on earth before Heaven. Seek Him. Draw close to God & He will draw close to you. Get your eyes off the pain & put them on Jesus. I’ll be praying for you.

  • Neal says:

    If you can imagine, there are innumerable sources of pain and suffering in this life, from children who are abused, to those who are alone, to physical illnesses, and even those tortured and martyred for Christ. Yet the SAme Loving God who longs to for our companionship and who treasures our relationship with Him in Heaven has created this vile world. Your pain is great now, but in the process of trusting God to heal your pain you begin down the path that leads to intimacy the your relationship here can only hint at. The love and closeness we know here is but a fleeting shadow of what God has for those who love Him in eternity. GIve ALL you hurt to Him, and trust him. Reaad the 23rd Psalm, and peray with just a little seed of faith. You will overcome.

  • Bill says:

    Is heaven what you make of it? How is Paradise the same for everyone? Like good music, I might say country music is the best music you might say that rock n roll is the best music. We’re not wrong, we’re different. If God is almighty, He is, then he can meet all of our needs surely. If he is preparing a heaven for us, what does that mean? How many ways can that be interpreted? Anyway, I hope heaven feels like childhood with my parents and brothers and sisters. All of childhood. Nothing better than childhood….

  • So many diffrent ideas out there,
    I Think we’re all kingdom beings when were bornagain. God made a place for us and its earth. I believe that I’m here and its real, so I can also believe that there’s a heaven and thats where I’ll soon be, because He also said that, It will be as real then as it is now.
    The apostle Paul states in Rev.#, that he had seen and been told things about the things to come. I have never seen these things, so I take his word for it and besides its in the scriptures. Until we get there by death or other. We can say; God said it so that settles it. Were going to heaven.

  • LS says:

    I never post to anything on the internet, but for some reason I feel compelled to contribute as I suddenly have truly realized the fact of our mortality. I am a scientist, and soon to be physician. For people like me, it is very difficult to separate science and religion; though I am Christian and support everything in my church and upbringing.
    However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for skeptism. What we know of as “heaven” is not tangible, and that is terrifying to me. The idea of change in terrifying. I am perfectly happy with my life; GREAT family, friends, education, I volunteer and serve always…I wonder how it can be better and I get scared thinking that all we will do for an eternity is praise one person(God), which is great but I ask “why would God give me these talents and gifts (ie family, friends)” if he wouldn’t let me truly enjoy that too in heaven. But then I say God is a creator, so wouldn’t it seem fair that all that has ever been created through history will be there, and not just a mess of clouds, robes, and angels? Thoughts and help on my fear?

  • i am 16years old and i have read the book heaven is so real..i think it really doesnt matter what heaven is like..obviously it will be a beautiful place..our concern, as Gods children should be, what is hell like?? and when we know the answer to that.. nobody will really want to sin..

  • Joebecause says:

    In 1 Samuel it is very clear that we go to an after life and that we can even be called out of that life for a short time.

    1 Samuel 28:15 Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?”
    “I am in great distress,” Saul said. “The Philistines are fighting against me, and God has departed from me. He no longer answers me, either by prophets or by dreams. So I have called on you to tell me what to do.”

    16 Samuel said, “Why do you consult me, now that the LORD has departed from you and become your enemy? 17 The LORD has done what he predicted through me. The LORD has torn the kingdom out of your hands and given it to one of your neighbors—to David. 18 Because you did not obey the LORD or carry out his fierce wrath against the Amalekites, the LORD has done this to you today. 19 The LORD will deliver both Israel and you into the hands of the Philistines, and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. The LORD will also give the army of Israel into the hands of the Philistines.”

    Also when both Moses and Arron were finished God told them it was time for them to be with their people.

    It is very clear that the Israelites went to a place tobe with each other as God’s people. It only stands to reason that God’s people will be together and seperate from those who have not accepted God through Jesus Christ. When you accept God’s will through Jeus Christ you find a peace but unfortunately the world sometimes interrupts that peace. Heaven is the uninterrupted will of God. We will be at peace forever.

  • Peggy says:

    When we die we see Jesus right away. Where is this found in scriptures? Please share this with me Thank you.

  • Gabriel Miguel says:

    Heaven in the bible is represented as a place in contrast with earth. The earth is a place, but it is unstable, insecure, and fleeting. Heaven is a stable, secure and eternal place.

  • Renie says:

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