What’s your favorite devotional?

Do you have a favorite devotional? It might be a classic of Christian literature or a fresh-from-the-printer modern work, but many Christians have a favorite devotional that they turn to each day to complement their prayer and Bible reading.

Do you have a favorite? What is it, and why do you like it?

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15 Responses to “What’s your favorite devotional?”

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  • Dave Darwin Bayani says:

    My favorite devotionals were Our Daily Bread devotionals, Today Devotionals, Our Daily Journey devotionals.

    Because these devotionals can actually apply to our everyday walk in our everyday life.

  • Ed Paciencia says:

    “My Utmost For His Highest”; divine inspiration did not end with the
    Bible; the Word of God.

  • MAQUITA says:


  • Nosa O. Oka says:

    Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris

  • #1 is God’s Word.

    #2 is C. H. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening.

    Wandering around CCEL.org is always edifying.

  • Ron Mercer says:

    I have read for years a daily devotional book by John Henry Jowett, “My Daily Meditations” Jowett, an Englishman and former pastor of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church left few written sermons and very few of his messages were kept. However, he did write several newspaper columns and from these a book was printed which is probably out of print now. It has become one of my treasured possessions.

  • Mary Gemmill says:

    Journals of the Heart by Brenda Craig [online]is an Ephesians 3.18-22 experience for me: More than I could have ever asked for, dreamed of or imagined. Brenda wites ” Love stories” from the Father’s Heart to mine that touch the spirit within me, build me up, exhort, encourage, edify, teach me, encourage me………she has a lovely way with words. I read the 23rd Psalm with her this week and was especially touched with ” Yes, My Word creates green pastures and peace of mind. It creates a future and a hope. When you put My Word in your heart, when you appropriate it, the Word makes you lie down in a place of rest, for your mind is renewed. My word has power. My Word makes green pastures and watered gardens out of your heart and life. You be come what you lie in, so lie in My Word.” Mary, New Zealand

  • readytoread says:

    favorites are, http://www.upperroom.com and the Today by BTG Ministries.

  • Wendy Lam says:

    A Gift for God, written by Mother Teresa and compiled by Malcolm Muggeridge [ i read the Chinese edition, trans. Wong Lai Ping]

  • Tony Lomax says:

    1 John, 2 John, 3 John, I feel that All 3 letters hold the basic faith requirements we need to have in the Last Days.
    I feel when we study we have to remove all things that we understand in the world and open our hearts and minds to what our Father God says.
    We don’t have to be rocket scientist to understand what our Father God is saying.
    Simple thinking has open the door to all I need to understand.
    With LOVE your brother Tony Lomax

  • del p says:

    i like daily discovery , angels , guidepost

  • My Daily Bread is wonderful and full of blessings, and Lifetime Guarantee is pretty blessed too.

  • Ezinne says:

    My favorite devotional is Our Daily Bread, which is provided by RBC Ministries. It is educative, Humorous, inspiring and a whole lot of other good things I can’t begin to mention. It’s just the BEST!!!!

  • John says:

    I have two favorites. The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade, and The Royal Way of the Cross by Francois Fenelon.