Historic Billy Graham Videos

British Pathie has a collection of newsreels from the 50s and 60s of Billy Graham’s ministry.

It’s astounding to see him getting swarmed as he gets off a train or him preaching for a crowd of 120,000 at Wembley Stadium. All of the videos are extremely interesting and worth checking out if you have a chance.

The most amazing aspect of the attention Graham receives is how humble he remains in the face of it. Throughout his ministry, Graham’s simple message has been of salvation through Jesus Christ. I personally can’t imagine the pressures he’s faced throughout his career to exploit his positions of power.

Whether you’re a fan of his ministry or not, these videos are an extremely interesting relic of Evangelicalism.

Have you ever been to one of his crusades or heard him speak?

[HT: Adrianwarnok.com]

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