How has Seasonal and Swine Flu Affected Your Church?

While seasonal flu happens every year, this year H1N1 (or Swine Flu) has been on everyone’s mind. It seems that everywhere you turn the entire nation is on high alert. Even churches are starting to take steps towards prevention.

In fact, the church I attended this past Sunday not only had the wine (well, grape juice) in separate cups, but the communion wafers were in separate cups as well. And the deacons who served us all washed their hands with the huge bottle of hand sanitizer sitting on the stage before they handed out elements out to us.

How has seasonal and swine flu affected your church?

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One Response to “How has Seasonal and Swine Flu Affected Your Church?”

  • here in Guadalajara,Mexico.The Lord was and He is merciful with our
    congregation.We dont have notice of sick brothers, even that we have
    to epidemies attaking us, the swine flu and the dengue fever.In our
    city was very different, we count thousands of people suffering one
    or even the two epidemies, with a lot of people death. We asking to
    pray for our city and for the sons of God