How Should Christians Tip at Restaurants?

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A recent post over at called Tipping as Witness discusses Christians and tipping. The author specifically dissects how some Christians leave tracts instead of money as tips in restaurants. In the comments someone else mentions a church that encourages its members to secretly pay for other people’s meals and/or leave huge tips. Somewhere in between is probably a good rule of thumb on tipping.

What about you though? How should Christians tip at restaurants?

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76 Responses to “How Should Christians Tip at Restaurants?”

  • Dele says:

    Christians should tip as they have the means. God loves a cheerful giver, but if you do not have it then do not feel bad. Some other opportuinity will come. And I am talking about money ($$$) here. As for tracts, I would prefer to hand it directly to the waiter/waitress.

  • kevin says:

    TIPS is an acronym for To Insure Prompt Service. When people first use to give tips it was to insure that the server would provide the best service for the money offered…eventually as the quality of service began to get less and less, presumably because the servers got lazy since they already received their money, the customers began tipping after they were served and felt the amount justified the service they felt they got. It also became away, now, for the customer to be more picky and use whatever excuse to justify in leaving a small if no tip. Giving tips were and always a voluntary act based on the fact that companies use this as a tool to pay low wages leaving the server totally dependent upon their tips to survive. Now it has become almost expected or required for customers to tip as a rule albeit one that can not be enforced. As a Christian I would think instead of thinking of it as a tip for the quality of service but rather an opportunity to aid a person financially as an act of kindness and leave a tract if you like but to leave a tract alone is a disgrace and a slap in the face of a server who worked hard to serve you and also fuels the fire when discussing the hypocrisy of so called Christians today.

  • Hiram Green says:

    One of the most important things, that can spoil a Christians witness, is to forget that we are being watched by someone at all times. We must to the right thing always, because we represent the only expample of the Kingdom of God, some people will ever see. As we rush into turbulent times and men’s hearts continue to turn away from God, Remember that you don’t even have to do anything wrong any more to find trials and tribulation. If there is nothing in your life that can be used as a weapon against you, they will make something up. Remembering that this is a hostile country that we visit in , and that Our true home, God’s Kingdom, will help us stay on guard. If you want th think about something that should really be unsetteling, If you tip 15-20% to service personel, Why do you only tithe 10% to God who gave you the income anyway?

  • Edgar B. Land says:

    One should always tip it makes christains look cheap. Treating others as we would like to be treated should be the christain way. Your a poor example of christ if you treat those who serve you bad.

  • Ashley says:

    So I was a server for 9 months and I must say that anyone who would leave change as a tip or not even 10% is either ignorant at how difficult it is to be a server, or just completely allowing greed to overtake their character. It is an extremely hard job, and its the job that some adults are forced to make a living off of. While I was there I met some amazing people, but one of the women who was a single mother of 2 told me that she was glad she made $30 dollars that day because then at least she could get the one $10 gift each of her boys wanted and get a lunch for herself while they were at school. Its amazing how God used different customers to remind me he was with me in that time. And one of the ways I believe he did that was through those who lifted my spirits with a 15% or more tip and left a “God bless” note on the table. That is all it takes. But I beg of people not to leave a small tip (less than 10-12%) and then leave a “God bless” note, that only makes the christian look bad, and the possibly lost person think badly of the christian. If you do not have the money to tip, then you do not have the money to go out to a place where servers expect a tip. Think of it as tax.

  • Daniel says:

    I think christians should tip generously. Even more than non christians. We are blessed. Let’s show it. If you want to leave a tract, that’s fine. But, leave a tip as well. The waiter/waitress is more likely to read the tract if you leave them a good tip.

    • Ross says:

      Not all Christian people are blessed with money. With so many people out of work it is often hard for them to leave a tip. It is better not to associate being a good Christian with giving money to people. If you want to go help people tell them you are willing to help. Giving money to people is not the only solution. For example, dont give money to a bum, give them a sandwich. That way you know you are helping them instead of giving them another dollar towards what may have put them in a homeless position. We ARE blessed with the love of one another and it is our duty to help others.

  • Chad says:

    Leaving only a tract is a poor show. Servers are working to earn money. 2 weeks ago, brother-in-law and father-in-law(82)had a small disagreement over tipping. Father-in-law is still in the 10% days. He was paying for dinner and brother-in-law noticed how much FIL was paying; BIL said something and FIL didn’t agree to the up-to-date 15% to 20% tip amount. He thought it too much. Neither one are Chistian, so a tract would’ve been out of the question. Seems to me, for Christians, a 20% tip and a tract may be more effective.

  • I think it’s nothing wrong with christian giving tips at restaurant and like places. But tract alone doesn’t seem real effective to me. Here is my reason.The waiter or waitress anticipate some cash form you, so it is expedient to show physical kindness coupled with that of spiritual kindness. Remember that spreading of the gospel should be holistic. With that we have an effective ministry. Hope my comment will help a lot.

  • Haadinke Pharnwell says:

    I would rather buy a Bible and leave it on the table than give money for tipping.

    • Joe Christian says:

      And I would rather you go to the kitchen at the restaurant and make your own dinner and bring it to yourself. You can also get your own drinks as well and clear the table when you are finished. That, to me, would justify you not leaving a tip.

  • Mickie McCall says:

    I live in a small third word country, Ecuador. I am in the far south in a small Village. Here the families live on just $30.00 – $60.00 per week. I eat at a small “Home” restaurant. There are many of those here, The meal is $3.00. Ecuadorians NEVER tip. So all tips are very unexpected. I will sometimes leave $0.25 – $0.50, and then sometimes I will leave $2.00. It is always a surprise to the lady who has the restaurant. Her food is superb. Her home (restaurant is always clean and her children are well behaved, polite and helpful. Sometimes, I buy extra food at the farmers market and take it to her as an anonomous gift. I never do anything as a routine – so it does not become expected…just greatly appreicated. She knows I am not Catholic and is curious about me – because I am different.

  • Dave says:

    Tipping should be always be done. It is a portion of the servers and others wages. Especially as Christians if we leave a tract, we should be leaving a fair tip with it. What kind of impression would it leave with a server of our witness. I personally start at 20 percent and will reduce it if service is not up par. Be friendly with the server and you could learn about their lives.

  • sharlot wright says:

    dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, I am a server. many people do not know that the tipping industry in many states their hourly wage is $2.19 an hour. they are dependent on the generosity of the guests . you can believe the times that people (meaning to be a witness) leave a tract but no money.the comments range from their God is cheap-to even worse-the tract is thrown in the garbage-never those who don’t know how much 15%-20% on total, or the first two numbers of total add them twice(ex $123.27- 12+12=24)ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. there are times when things go bad and/or the person is poorly trained. speak to mangement with civilty……. they will gladly help.DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO AIR OUT THIS MATTER. GOD BLESS SHARLOT

  • this is my second comment-free meals or gift cards leave 30%, you have been blessed – pass the blessing on!

  • Leslie says:

    powerful observation with regards to our tithe, Hiram Green!
    we should set an example for the world, as you both have stressed. we can certainly leave tracts, but as an addition to the tip.
    God bless!

  • cranestr says:

    Our daughter and my sister were waitresses in restaurants, so talking with them has helped form my actions in this subject of tipping at restaurants. Since the wait staff doesn’t usually make even minimum wage at many eating places, the tip is supposed to fill the gap.

    We pray before we eat, and I assume that others around us can see that. Sometimes a waiter or waitress will have to wait for us to finish before delivering water glasses or something to our table. As I have heard horror stories about Christians who leave tracts instead of money, and now our waitress or waiter may know we are Christians, I strive to make the 20% tip my minimum tip for good to excellent service. If I leave a tract with that tip, it may get read and passed around rather than quickly becoming trash as many do that are left by “thrifty” Christians.

  • Nan says:

    Tipping has nothing to do with one’s religion. If you get good service you tip more, if not 15% is the norm. At times of inept service no tip could be warranted!

  • Brian J Munro says:

    Tip well if the service is good. Tip minimally if the service is less than adequate (this rarely happens in my somewhat extensive experience). Complain appropriately if there is a problem with your order. Don’t get personal, just state the truth and what your objection is. Most businesses want to know if they have met your expectations – and if not, how they might be able to improve. If your experience is truly heinous – pay the bill, leave and never return, and warn others.

    Never, absolutely never, tip by leaving a tract, a Bible, an invitation to a Christian event or any other “evangelical” type of gift. It would be the same as a client of yours offering you unsolicited spiritual advice while you served him or her in whatever capacity your job requires. Witness is rarely effective outside of relationship.

    Finally, generosity in Christians reflects well upon our Lord and is itself a testimony to His generous nature.

  • anugraha says:

    do you tip at McDonalds? Burger King? KFC?

    Cook your own food as much as possible, its cheaper, healthier and you don’t have to break your head on how much tip a server deserves.

  • Berdine says:

    I’m a christian and I always tip. You can also leave tracks with the tip If you want to witness also. so tip the right amount and give a track. Like Edgar said you are been watch and your actions speak louder than words.

  • Dave Reid says:

    Waiters and waitresses rely on tips for their income. My wife was paid $1.50 an hour by her employer when minimum wage was over $4.00. This was legal because it was understood she would make her living on gratuities. The tithe to God has NOTHING to do with this discussion. God owns everything, if you are only giving him back 10% that is a problem for another page. If you can’t afford to give a generous tip for good service you should stay at home and cook your own dinner. Eating out is a luxury.

  • Sandra says:

    Christians should leave a tip of around 15-20%, depending of the service. However, though leaving a tip is important, it is more important to leave a great impression to the waiter or waitress. While you are at the restaurant, be courteous, friendly and kind. This does more in promoting Christianity than worrying about your tip.

    However, it wouldn’t hurt to leave a tract (brief positive gospel) message WITH the tip. The message MUST be positive, not a “you are going to hell if you don’t believe in Jesus.” Remember, Jesus is love, the bible is all about love, show your love to others.

  • American etiquette says 15% is standard for tipping. If we stick to our customs and understand our culture, this would be a no-brainer.

    @Hiram, I’m not worried about who is watching. Self-consciousness will also kill a witness for it leaves one less free. Follow Jesus and be a grow appropriately human and those things will take care of themselves.

    @Edgar, yes, the “Golden Rule” does apply well here.

  • Thomas says:

    Reading from 2 Corinthians 8:3 “For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability…” I find absolutely nothing in the Newer Testament connecting Christians and the tithe. This is a holdover from the Judaical laws inappropriately applied as a rule for Christians. What amount do I see to give is appropriate? I give the most I can, as I prosper, thanking God and giving from my heart. My heart before the witness of God determines what I give. A 10% rule seems quite a small amount but is likely more than many give based on gross income. Sure, I fail in my giving often and waver in steadfastness there.

    What to tip? By all means DO NOT tip with a printed tract. Was the Samaritan in the ditch given a book on first aid? Would you go to the hungry homeless and give a printed paper booklet, a “God Bless” and move on? The one who gives a hot meal is the one who will be remembered and the tract giver will possibly be scorned. Feed the person and they will often sit and eat with you and talk about the God who leads you there. The god of the tract giver will appear an empty god.

    I generally tip the basic 20% and increase that when it feel right to do so. I do not punish with lack of tip or ask the server to dance and crawl to get a larger tip. Yes, we are a witness of the radiance and reflection of Christ through us…or should be. I miss it all the time, doing less than I should or letting my humanity get in the way of doing what is good and right. This is not a bad time to ask WWJD. Sure, tip them, feed them, share the good news with them. In the least, show a kind heart who loves fellow man and woman.

    These are my 2 1/2 cents worth. Thomas.

  • Jackie Elliott says:


    I feel that it is in poor taste to leave tracts instead of tipping for good service. My husband and I sometimes leave info from our church with a tip. However, when it comes to automatic tipping because a group of four or more people are served-tipping may be problematic. The guests should determine how much to tip as opposed to the establishment including a set percentage.

  • Brandi says:

    Tip like you would want to be tipped if you were doing that job. It’s not complicated, Depending on the number of people and the amount and if also it the Lord tells you too. Don’t just give money pray about it and sincerely give in secret.

  • I want to know how much of a Christian do you think you are when you only leave a track and no tip.The tip is supposed to be 15% of what it costs for your meal.Servers only make a little over two dollars a hour.Their minimum wage does not go up.They depend on those tips.

  • Ray says:

    I feel tipping is important and personally find myself fitting into the 15-20% range. However, the tract issue is what has caught my attention here. Do I feel tracts are bad, absolutely not, however, they seem so impersonal. It seems at times that we use them as a cop out to telling people about Jesus in person.

    I once heard a story of a couple who prays before they eat, (typical right?) Well when the server brings out their food, this couple will tell him or her: “in our family we like to pray before we eat, is there anything you would like prayer for?” They tell me that some servers simply say no, while others are overjoyed to think that someone cares and will actually pray with them.

    To me this is a great way of communicating God’s love to our servers. By asking the server if they want prayer we are showing them that as Christians we care for them and are inviting them into our personal traditions. This seems much more thoughtful and caring than leaving a tract.

  • When I am in a situation where tipping is appropriate I base the amount of the tip on the quality of service. I generally don’t tip less than 15%. If the service is good, and finances permit, I will tip 20%-25%. In addition I also leave a gospel tract with the tip.
    We must remember that our lives and our conduct is our major witness to the lost. Friends, we are ambassadors for God! When people, belevers or non beleivers, look at us they should see Christ in us. If we leave a tract instead of a tip what does that say about the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If someone professing to be a Christian is either to cheap, or cannot afford to leave a tip, please don’t leave a gospel tract instead. You could actually serve as a stumbling block for someone who otherwise might come to Christ.

    Rev. Dr. Thomas Lindsay, Evangelist
    Thomas Lindsay Ministries

  • Bob says:

    I am a Christian and have been a waiter for many years, and I will say this as a resounding affirmation to those who say “tract tipping is a bad witness.” It’s better to leave no tip and no tract than just a tract – odds are it goes right into the garbage anyway, after being made a mockery of behind the scenes while cursing out those who left them. Hopefully you don’t frequent the spots you don’t tip at, either, because servers have good memories. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” (I don’t condone that kind of behavior in any setting, but… I can’t speak for the world.) I’d almost liken it to the “be warm and be filled” example the Bible cites – knowing someone’s need and not meeting it. Most servers work for 2.50-4 dollars per hour (in the United States, at least). I say this: if you are not prepared to leave someone a good tip reflecting good service, go somewhere that doesn’t require a tip or stay home.

  • Aldo says:

    As a former restauranteur (30+ years in the business), I can tell you there are very few servers that do not live paycheck to paycheck. For a server, payday comes everyday they work serving customers. Many need the money to pay their bills. A couple things I believe firmly: We should treat everyone as we would like to be treated (Duh . . . didn’t Jesus teach us that!); and (I’m from the old school) you should put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. With that said, I believe servers should earn their tip. When I dine out I always start start my server at fifteen percent. It goes up or down from there depending on the quality of my service. Most of the time my tip will range around twenty percent. If my finances don’t allow for a respectable tip, I go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s. As far as I’m concerned, leaving a poor tip after getting poor service, all the while professing Christianity or leaving a track, that simply reinforces the unbelivers idea that all Christian are hypocrits. What do you do if you really get very poor service, so bad they don’t really deserve a tip: never ever not leave a tip. Leave a dime or a quarter. That tells the server you thought about their service and about their tip, and you didn’t forget to leave one. Regarding our obligation to share Jesus, I agree tracts are impersonal. Most of the time my servers didn’t open them. I believe we should make our lives and how we live become a shining example of Jesus. I really, really love the idea of the couple asking their server about prayer needs. How much more powerful is that that leaving an impersonal track, or even a note saying “Jesus loves you.” What a beautiful representation of our Lord and Savior ! ! !

  • Nertil says:

    Let’s give to the Lord what is his, the tenth that we owe him.
    I don’t live tips more than 10%.

  • Brian says:

    To simply leave a Bible tract and no money would do great harm to the Christian witness. The server may be struggling financially, and the job my be the only source of income they have. If I were an unbelieving server or even a “seeking” server and someone left a tract instead of money, that would just magnify the already bad reputation that Christians have.

  • Parker Jones says:

    Friend, this is not a spiritual issue, it is an economic one and one of good manners and good taste. The fact is that most wait staff work for minimum wage. Remember, they aren’t rocket scientists or PhD’s there for their pleasure; they are typically financially struggling college students or people without a lot of marketable skills who not only need the money, but who are generally doing their best to do honest work for a decent, but non-professional wage. And, they make their money by putting themselves at your beck and call, and putting up with your whims-essentially, when someone is your waiter, they are temporarily “for hire” by your table and deserve to be treated fairly. When they bend over backwards to provide good service, they don’t need a tract, they need money. No offense meant, but they would probably react to you giving them a tract the way you would if your boss had you stay after work and do a special project, then put a tract in your pay statement, instead of 50-60% of your pay, which is what a tip represents if you think about it. Quite honestly, you’d be a little torqued off, and so would they!

    I am a Christian- a daily Bible reading, God fearing one. I have never been a waiter in my life, but I have been to dozens of restaurants and know how hard they work. I suggest that you “render to wait staff what is theirs, and to God what is his.” Tip the wait staff 15% in a casual dining setting, and 20% in a fine dining restaurant. If you want to add the tract after you have paid the tip, fine. If you don’t tip, and leave the tract instead, all you are doing is painting yourself (and maybe other Christians, too…) as a cheapskate or maybe even someone who hasn’t been schooled in etiquette of dining away from home or fast food restaurants. If you can’t afford to tip, perhaps you should either stay home, go to a fast food restaurant, or go to a cafeteria style restaurant where tipping is not required. Just be aware that this isn’t an either/or consideration, it is either the money, AND a tract, or the money alone. :-)

  • EMH says:

    Wait staff work hard for less than minimium wage. Their tips are supposed to make up for the short fall. When a “believer leaves a worthless piece of paper only”, the are a very poor example of Christ to that person. Christ first provied for the needs of the people then He talked about God’s love. If you feel you must leave a tract then put your $tip in the tract, the person pick up the entire thing and may take time to read it later, not just pick it up with the rest of the garbage. Do you pray for your meal before you eat, remember they see this. Why not ask your waiter if you can pray for them, they may have something very heavy on their mind. This also opens them to the tract you are leaving.

  • Tim&Donna Spencer says:

    Our Federal Govt. IRS along with most resturant owners has made Tips a part of the waiter/waitress’s pay,instead of it being a token of my appreciation for good service. Yes Christians should tip because the Bible states that you should not hold a persons pay. Want to leave a tract, that is super wonderful but also leave them their money. In case you wonder neither I or my wife has ever been a waiter or waitress but it can’t be a great job putting up with many of the public.Besides what you give from the heart will be returned many fold, believe me GOD has blessed us for it. Thanks and GOD Bless.

  • I have encountered and have been aquainted with many of these “turn or burn” preachers. Take a look at their personal lives and you will see who needs saving. These “hell and damnation”preachers do use Biblical scripture to rave and rant, but the cool thing is, the Lord says “my Word shall not return void”! AMEN!!!!!

    I catch myself wanting to “scare” my kids into submission to the Lord’s righteousnes by using hell and judgement. I will try and remind myself that “let everyone work out his own salvation with fear and trembling”. Let the Lord move and let us allow Him to use us as His vessel of LOVE!

    Lord Bless

  • I think it’s a mess when Christians that ought to behave their selves in public begin to do other way round,it’s so embarrassing, Christians should be seen as the decent and composed people, but i think that if we can help by engaging them in something that will put food on their table i believe it will help in removing the stains on the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Thanks

  • cheap says:

    My sister inlaws sister is married to a pastor. he tips not even 10%. he argues that he’s not tipping more than he gives to god. this is wrong in my view. if you can’t afford to tip 15-20% then dont eat out.

    tipping under 10% is not a good christian witness, especially from a pastor

  • SES says:

    someone said it already… but I will reiterate.

    If you can’t afford a tip, don’t go out to eat.

    Really, it’s a matter of good stewardship.

  • Elisa Paul says:

    Note regarding tithing: As a christian we must remember that what Christ did at the cross relieved us from the Law of Moses – this includes any regulations regarding tithing in the Old Testament- also note that there is NO regulation set regarding tithing in the New Testament (by new testament I mean AFTER Jesus died and rose again)
    In addition- no tithes in the Old Testament referred to money- Every single reference to tithing and firstfruits regarded food not money. –
    Colossians 2:14: “having canceled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross.”
    Ephesians 2:15: “by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace”

    This does not mean I advocate not giving. I believe Christians should give as much as their heart sees fit. It is important for us to support our church, our pastors, various organizations – anything that will spread the word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Look at how profusely Paul thanked the believers In Phil. They gave to his ministry time and time again! Our rewards for our giving with a pure heart will not be granted to us until we are in Heaven.

    Now…regarding tipping: Give as your heart sees fit. Like other posters please keep in mind:
    Servers often are paid less than minimum wage.
    Servers are not responsible for errors in the kitchen (don’t use a cooks error as an excuse to not tip a server)
    Good servers do have bad days- remember this when you are thinking about shorting a tip. Jesus told us that it is easy for us to love those who love us.
    If you get a coupon or use a gift card- leave at least the tip that you would have left if you paid for the bill at full value. The server didn’t have less work to do.
    Servers DO get taxed on the tip expected from your check, whether or not you left a tip.

    You never know what your server is going to do with her tip- Leave a tip and ask God to use it to bring Him glory…If you did that, imagine how much you would leave!

    Regarding people that leave 10% – My grandma (now in heaven) always tipped $1.00. This was a huge tip when she ordered coffee back in the day when coffee was 10 cents a cup – In the 90’s, not so huge. But grandma thought it was and she was happy. She always had the servers smiling and made their day a little bit better. When grandma went out with my mom, myself, or my siblings, we always added a little something extra to the tip. Grandma was still happy – the server was happy. We are Christians – walk in the light!

  • archie says:

    1. the christian is NOT commanded to tip, but they are to treat others as they would like to be treated which means they do not have to tip if they do not want to

    2. a tip is a GIFT not an obligation, a waiter/ress should not expect tips but do their best job regardless of what they do/don’t recieve. spitting in food and other mea things should not take place as the customer places trust in the rest. staff to get their food correctly and that trust should not be broken. is the responsibility of the rest. owner to pay his staff properly regardless of what the law says. it is unfair and wrong to pay waiters/resses less on the assumption they will get gifts. it is not the obligation of the customer to pay the salary of the worker, that belongs solely to the employer, if they do not pay a proper wage then the employer is wrong and sins not the customer who does not tip.

  • Sylvia Williams says:

    I believe that healthy tip should be given especially if the waitress or waitor has been very good and friendly… least 15 or 20%. Also,
    leave a tract with it….but if you leave only a tract and no tip, that is pretty cheap and they will likely throw it away. Be fair! Christians should be the ones to tip more than anyone else….this is part of our testimony……..

  • dave48 says:

    I try to always tip 10-15% since I got tips during one of my summer jobs while in seminary.

    Due to the economy we hardly eat out anymore so it’s not a big deal for us. We also bow our heads and pray before we eat. Not to leave a tip when the waiting staff sees you praying only adds fuel to the hatred many people already have toward believers.

  • Rob says:

    My wife is a waitress, and unfortunately most of the people she works with view Christians as cheap and demanding. Then they leave a tract or a rather meager tip and it reinforces the profile. There are many well-meaning wonderful Christians I know who treat service personnel this way. The tract deal doesn’t end up communicating what we intend, pleasant communication and a reasonable tip loosens the soil of a waiter or waitress’ heart better than any piece of reading material.

  • Cheyenne Thomas says:

    I think, you if you can afford it, look around for someone who looks like they really never get to eat out and pay for their meal, but don’t forget to tip your waitress……the tracts are good,but they don’t pay the bills, so don’t use the tracts to get out of tipping, but you can add it with the tip……he/she will be more likely to read it this way.

  • Earle West says:

    It is a great, great blessing to be able to eat out at a restaurant where people serve you by preparing the place, gathering the food, cooking the food for you; they bring whatever food you ask for to you, and clean up after you have gone. Should not Christians so blessed be able and willing to share generously with those souls whose livelihood depends on such offerings? A generous and thankful heart surely is pleasing with both God and man.

  • Jerry B says:

    I always leave a tip based on service of 10 to 20 percent, doesn’t matter to me about the waiter or waitress religios convictions. However of late I have started to share or witness to them and frequently ask the or tell them that I and my family will be praying over our food and would be glad to pary for them or any of thier needs. Always, each of them has given me or us something to pray about from helping to get enough money to pay a bill, or strength, courage, and or help in their daily lives. The looks on their faces is really something to me when we ask this. Then hearing their requests is more valuable to me that the look one gets for the tip or amount of the tip left. I believe in my heart that they value this more or just as much as the tip being left.

  • Demetria says:

    I think it’s not a bad thing if christian tip do it as on to the Lord pray and obey if thats where He is leading you.

  • jay says:

    I tip as if the one serving me is my son or daughter who’s trying to make it in these hard times. Then if I share Christ, He will get the credit.A dollar is paper from a tree and my father owns all the trees. As I give out I’m making room for more to come in so I can give out to make room to give(this should NEVER stop as a child of God) It’s Jesus in me that wants to be the blessing. It’s ALL about HIM. May I die that He live. His way to reach others is through you and me. Please don’t allow a piece of papper to stop a blessing. Look forward for an opportunity to allow Christ to bless someone through YOU. Jay

  • Sheltie says:

    Rae (December 7th)and Jerry B (December 11th)What a great idea!! And a great way to witness.

    I to fall into the 10 – 20% range. We are retired so not as able to go out to eat as often as we used to do, but are blessed that we still can. I would be very ashamed to be in a group that thought leaving a bible tract was sufficient. (I must have lead a very sheltered life as I have never come across this practice).

    Although I am from the UK where tipping is not so widespread as in the USA (minimum wage must be paid)we do still leave a tip as we have lived in the USA quite a lot and have come to realise good service should be acknowledged. Not only in restaurants, but we also give the postman and garbage collectors at Christmas.

    I told my husband about asking the server if they wished to be included in our blessing and prayer before our meal, and he thinks it is a great idea to witness, as long as it is done quietly. By all means leave a tract if you have one. But to do so in place of a tip demeans the Lord we serve.

    God Bless