A Good Day for a Christian

Our devotional this morning comes from Moody Bible Institute’s Today in the Word. They’re in 1 Peter chapter 3 discussing the difference between the Christian and secular definitions of a “good day” :

By the world’s standards, “good days” mean strong self-esteem, bubbly happiness, and lots of energy. But Scripture provides an alternative for those who “would love life and see good days” (v. 10). Indeed, today’s entire passage is a kind of biblical prescription for a life of blessing. Earlier, Peter reminded his readers that they were called to follow Christ’s example of suffering (2:21); paradoxically, he now declares that those same readers are called to a life of blessing (v. 9).

What does this look like? First it entails a life that blesses others. Scripture calls us to a life concerned with the well-being of others. Our lives should exhibit peace and harmony, sympathy toward others, love for our new family in Christ, compassion, humility, honest speech, and a biblical response to sin in which we repay evil not with more evil, but with blessing (vv. 8-11). Speaking of this life of blessing to others, Peter declares, “to this you were called” (v. 10).

A life of blessing means more than blessing others; it also means we “inherit a blessing” as well (v. 9). Given Peter’s earlier exhortations about suffering, he clearly recognizes that the Christian life may be full of pain. Nonetheless, such suffering does not negate the gift of blessing. For one reason, such blessing is an “inheritance” from God (v. 9). It is His gift to us that cannot be taken away, no matter what our earthly circumstances may bring. But also, because true blessing means having a God who truly cares for us (v. 12). A biblical life of blessing has more to do with our relationship with God than with what the world might deem “good days.”

Read the full devotional over at Today in the Word.

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