Today’s Devotional: Does God Ever Cast You Aside?

Today’s devotional comes from Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook devotional. Looking at Lamentations 3:31, “For the LORD will not cast off for ever”, Spurgeon encourages us to adopt a holistic understanding of God’s love:

He may cast away for a season but not forever. A woman may leave off her ornaments for a few days, but she will not forget them or throw them upon the dunghill. It is not like the LORD to cast off those whom He loves, for “having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.” Some talk of our being in grace and out of it, as if we were like rabbits that run in and out of their burrows; but, indeed, it is not so. The LORD’s love is a far more serious and abiding matter than this.

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Do you ever feel like God has cast you off?

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