Today’s devotional: when God calls you to witness in unconventional ways

Today’s devotional, from Delve Into Jesus, calls to mind a vigorous discussion about street evangelism we had late last year. Delve Into Jesus’ Michael Lane asks us to be open to whatever form of evangelism God calls us to—even if it’s a manner of witnessing that we think annoying or ineffective. Here’s the devotional’s closing challenge:

Each of us has unique needs, a unique background and a unique personality. Thus, the method of witnessing which will be the most effective is unique to each individual. You may find televangelism pointless because it would never have been effective in leading you to the Lord, but many thousands have been touched by television ministry, even if you are not among them. As an unbeliever, you may never have responded to that young pastor inviting you to attend service. But I did.

….The moment when an act of witness captures the attention of an unbeliever is a mysterious and sacred act between God and his creation. It defies all of our projections and predictions about what ought to be effective….

How is the Spirit asking you and your congregation to witness? Is it perhaps a little unconventional? Would it seem to require extraordinary faith and courage? Understand that when God places a desire in our heart to serve Him, it never comes without the necessary strength and courage. Follow the calling of the Spirit boldly with the knowledge that someone very special and unique is waiting for you to proclaim the Gospel in your own special and unique way.

Read the full devotional at Delve into Jesus.

Let’s set aside the specific issue of street preaching (which you can discuss here if you want) and ponder the devotional’s central question: how is God calling you to be a Christian witness?

Has God ever called you to share the Gospel in an unconventional or uncomfortable way? What was the result, both for you and for the people you witnessed to?

7 Responses to “Today’s devotional: when God calls you to witness in unconventional ways”

  • Mike says:

    easier to receive.

  • Rúben says:

    The fact of God, in all human history, is trying to communicate with us is unconventional. He speak in our way so we can understand Him. Jesus cried as we, He talked to us like we do, He felt the same things we do. So now, we can cross a street of differences, a bridge of prejudice, a wall of fear?
    As christians we must live the example of our Master and Lord Jesus.

  • Lylyana Kerey Jones says:

    its amazing how Jesus Christ was willing to die for people not yet born. He gave his human body up, went through all kinds of pain and tourture, all for a girl who got a phone call from her best friend who just got saved, telling her about Jesus, just as the girl’s putting a gun to her head. He died for the boy who feels so guilty, going to church as a last resort. He died you and me. He died for cutters, docters, and even Barak Obama. I know because I was that girl, thinking nobody cared, cutting, doing drugs, attempting overdose 5 times before I got hold of a gun. My brother was that boy. Just know that he died because he cares. Don’t kill yourself. Please.

  • Wendy Pekeur says:

    You can’t run and hide from it. When you accept your calling, God can open doors that no one else can.

  • To speak of witnessing in unconventional ways is no more or less than defining witnessing by human standards.

    GOD meets each and every one of us where we are. Yahweh sought out Adam and Eve in the garden, a preincarnate Yeshua walked with Meshach, Shandrach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, and He sought out the crazy guy who was demon possessed. NICODEMUS sought Him out. Today, He rarely assumes a burning bush appearance, or any other theophany. It is most often through another person.

    Sharing the love of GOD is never unconventional in His eyes, but always when seen from a human perspective.


  • Feona Lee says:

    I think it is easier to receive love. I think about that all the time.

    Showing love to others involves taking a risk. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach out to others because they are always so cold.

  • nicole says:

    first off i want to say thank you jesus for blessing us with all that we have especially having a friend in you. glory to the living god. he is real the lord had a calling on my life as far as i can remember which i would say 8 yrs old im 24 now and the lord has come in to my life. he has healed my heart he has given me new strength. he guides me when i cant see and comforts me when i am weak. he is all that i am. i praise his holy name. accepting jesus as my lord and savior is the best thing i have ever done.