What makes small groups worth it?

My last small group ended in a mutual break-up. Everyone’s life circumstances were changing, and as a consequence, we were finding it harder to find time to get together. It was a bittersweet ending, and I don’t regret my involvement with the group.

Over the years, I’ve been in and out of a lot of small groups. Some have been wonderful, others have—on occasion—seemed like a chore; however, they’ve all been worthwhile. To me, there’s just something wonderful about a group of people committing to spend time together because of Christ.

What about you? Do you think small groups are valuable? What makes small groups worth it?

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6 Responses to “What makes small groups worth it?”

  • The common denominator is “committment”! We have this tendency to look for committments in all of the others and rarely assess our own individual committment. We seem to have this nagging question in the forefront of our involvement with samll groups of “what did I get out of it, this time?” The nagging question would more properly be “what did I contribute, this time?” So often, as in formal church settings, we seek to leave with goose bumps and inspiration to come back and hear that dynamic speaker again or wow! what beautiful music! However, what did I as an individual contribute to the service? Did I earnestly pray with feeling and enthusiasm, did I sing to praise God or was my participation tainted with the desire to be “on cue” and “in tune”. As members of the Body, we are to be comforters and encouragers as much so if not more so than to be encouraged and comforted. It sounds so trite but it is so true,you get out of it, what you put into it.

    It is imperative that we prepare our hearts and minds ahead of time for church, small group involvement and any other responses to our “calling”. Preparation for the things of God begin with confession, meditation and prayer. If we are part of a group that involves home study (homework) then it is vital to be prepared with that study. Sometimes it isn’t convenient and sometimes we must work ourselves up. As Dale Carnegie said; “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic”.

  • Janice Bailey says:

    I think small groups are imperative in this walk with Jesus, we need all the encouragement we can get these days. But it is a commitment. Understanding what will be required helps also. I am in small group and sometimes when the members aren’t available I have to encourage myself. Having a prayer partner or mentor is a great tool to. But nothing is better than having that personal relationship with the Father and his son Jesus Christ. There is a song we sing in our church “If you call on Jesus he will answer your prayer.” I found the answer I’ve learned to pray!

  • Lu W. says:

    Well in the Bible it is written that even when two belevers gather together in Jesus’ name he’ll be there(paraprhaise) so it doesn’t really matter if it’s an 100 person Bible group or church or a 3 family Bible group or church! He’ll be there. Plus, you’ll get to know people better if there’s not as many! If you pray for more members or people to join, God will answer in his own strange, divine way! God is so good!

  • Ms. Donna says:

    I believe that a smaller group setting is far better than a big one reason being you can get a better understanding of whatever the subject matter is. For alot of people myself included I like smaller group or churches because it makes the leader more reachable and he or she can have a better relationship or knoweldge of what is going on with God’s people. I totally agree with Lu W. To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt says:

      I agree with Donna we do these work for God not anyone else. I have always found that when it comes to volunteer work that only a small number of people are willing to give up thier time to work, but like to complain and in small group it seems there are a lot that want to be in charge and some that are in charge will it take advise from some that have been doing this for the last thirty years, sometimes we need to lest in to our elders they have great ideas, that are faster and lest work on the people.
      God Bless
      Walter Ryksrd

  • Emmanuel Kimbe says:

    Small groups are essential because they deal with details. They address practical issues that preachers do not address or merely give a hint. If i had to compare small groups and pulpit ministry, i could say they are similar to ministry of health and theater room!
    If one thing the church has to put effort on is small groups. They will not replace pastoral ministry or pulpit ministry in general, but they will rather help making Christianity a household agenda, worth to talk in the streets and office corridors.

    We are but parts of one body of Christ!