Today’s devotional: don’t be afraid of change!

Have you hit a wall in your personal or spiritual life? This devotional from Daily Encounter reminds us that we need to be open to the possibility that change in our own lives is sometimes necessary to move forward.

The devotional cites Rick Warren asserting that most churches fail to grow beyond a few hundred members because they fail to make the necessary organizational changes to make it possible, not because the Gospel message has lost its appeal. In the same way, sometimes we sabotage our own spiritual development or evangelism efforts because we don’t recognize when it’s time to make changes:

No, we don’t want to make changes where change is not to our advantage, but there are times when we do need to make changes. When it comes to communicating the gospel, while the message itself never changes, our way and means of communicating it have to change in order to communicate effectively to the particular group we are addressing. One size doesn’t fit all!

Also, whether we approve or disapprove, many things around us change and if we don’t adapt, we get left behind….

A few years back, Moody Monthly, the highly respected Christian magazine, discontinued its publication after its 103-year history. Why? Because of the economy, the proliferation of Christian magazines, and because of technology. Moody Monthly, like so many other ministries, has had to turn from printed hard copy to electronic means of communication, not only to become more effective in their ministry, but also to survive.

Read the full devotional at Daily Encounter.

Are you evangelism efforts falling on deaf ears? Is your devotional life stalling out, or your personal life running up against an insurmountable obstacle? A little change in how you think and act might make a big difference!

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