Today’s devotional: reclaiming our role as Creation’s stewards

Why is there such tension between many Christians and science? Many Christians have developed a suspicion of certain scientific fields (like biology and environmental science) due to the atheist or un-Christian philosophies held by particular outspoken scientists throughout the years. It may be understandable, but if that suspicion prevents us from exploring and appreciating God’s creation, it’s a problem.

The latest Wonder of Creation devotional challenges Christians not only to reconsider their attitude toward the sciences, but to actively claim a spot at the forefront of creation care:

Evangelical theologian John Stott is an avid birder who motivated the founder of A Rocha, a Christian nature conservancy. He writes, “Christian people should surely have been in the vanguard of the movement for environmental responsibility, because of our doctrines of creation and stewardship. Did God make the world? Does He sustain it? Has He committed its resources to our care? His personal concern for His own creation should be sufficient to inspire us to be equally concerned.”

Our relationship to the natural world is that of steward—the one who is responsible to care for what God has made. Homo sapiens is the only responsible species. How responsible have we been?

Read the full devotional at Wonder of Creation.

Does that call to action ring true for you? Have Christians neglected stewardship and creation care, and if so, how do we go about reclaiming it?

2 Responses to “Today’s devotional: reclaiming our role as Creation’s stewards”

  • Ira Kirkpatrick says:

    We are charged with being keepers of the earth and all it holds and encompasses. this is stated in Genesis and we need not love it to be good care takers and treat it with respect. I am appalled at the people who do not have enough respect to not damage our planet or cause harm.

  • God is slow to increase resources where good stewardship is not a regular practice. We must TRUST Him and He wants to TRUST us.