What’s Great About Your Life Right Now?

I stumbled across a thread on Reddit.com last week in which someone had asked the question, “What in your life is awesome right now?” To my surprise, there were quite a few thoughtful and meaningful responses like “celebrating 6 months of sobriety” and “my daughter was born today.”

We’re inundated with bad news every day, whether it be economic, societal, political or personal. It can sometimes be an overwhelming task just to get through the day, let alone find something to be thankful for. However, despite our earthly woes, we all have quite a bit to be thankful for in this life.

So what about you? What’s great about your life right now?

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39 Responses to “What’s Great About Your Life Right Now?”

  • Emily Rowell says:

    What’s great about my life is the fact that I have an awesome career. My husband has a job. We have two beautiful children and a roof over our heads. Thanks!

  • That I am blessed to see another day and the desire to stay focused and sober.

  • Buck says:

    To have a family and that God has also provided me a loving wife to share life with. To have a job that provides for my family. To have health and the ability to think clearly, at least most of the time. And to to have the knowledge of Christ that has allowed me to know God and to know that He loves me and that through his Son, anyone, including me, can lay hold of everlasting life.

  • Nikki says:

    the best thing in my life now is that i got out of a very unchristian like relationship recently. i’m now in finding m way back to my old self, my old life, and God. oh and i have begun dating the most wonderful guy ever :)

  • Jerry says:


  • bob says:

    Grateful that God is allowing me to live and work in HIS visionso we can bless so many

  • Pat says:

    I am about to celebrate my 1st year marraige anniversary to a wonderful minister. This is truly a marraige sanctioned by God. Our church just moved into a new building from a hotel conference room where we can truly grow the ministry. To know that the Lord is with me ALLways! Praise GOD!

  • Ariel says:

    I am so glad that this is exactly what I’m doing right now.
    I’ve started to write journal including finding 5 thankful events happened to me since 4/1.

    I couldn’t have a hope, and was blind.
    Then, he made me start writing journal to become who I want to be.
    It obviously works. Since I had at least 5 thankful events, how i can be depressed.
    How I can be sad or I can doubt God’s love.
    It is okay that those events are little tiny things, such as well done for the quiz, having a sunny day and so on.

    I am so happy to be able to make a comment here.
    Praise GOD !!

    thank you and love you all

  • Teresa says:

    What’s great about my life right now is I woke up this morning with another chance to start new. My family is healthy, we have jobs, the Lord meets our needs each day. Each day we can grow closer to God is a blessing. It is enough. The material things mean nothing. They are nice but without God it would all be pointless.

  • Gabe says:

    I didnt kill myself last week, and Im thankful for that.

    • Dear Gabe, hang in there bro. God has a plan for you. Tony provided some good counsel. You also need to get around some good people who can encourage you and walk with you through whatever you’re going through right now. I’m a priest and teach at a Catholic school where we pray before every class, so you’ll be in my prayers and also the prayers of my classes as well. You are blessed!

    • scott says:

      just stay faithful in the lord and the holy spirt will guide you he is awsome and faithful he has so much to give and there,s nothing greater then his love and he do,se love you

    • katrina chase says:

      I too am grateful to have not taken my life, and for a God who speaks clearly to me reminding me this life is His and not mine to take.

  • Tony says:

    always remember Gabe…God said a bruised reed He would not crush. He loves you and all he requires is” faith the size of a mustard seed.” What does that mean? Try starting by finding a closet ( or as I sometimes use ) the bathroom, talk one on one with him with no interruptions, for as long as you need. Bare you soul before him and ask Him to change your mourning into dancing. Trust that He loves you and he is willing, and get bible and start with the book of John ( so you can start learning about Him and His ways ). Pray daily asking God to teach you and to lead you into His peace. I will say a prayer for you too…Don’t think there is no one who loves or understands you. I can name three. Father Son and Holy Spirit. God bless you.

  • tameika says:

    what is good about my life is that i have jesus,a loving husband and two wonderful kids and its all because of jesus chirst if it wasn,t for jesus i would not be alive today so i have to give praise to him because he died on calvary cross for me.today i can boldly say that i am bless and highly favoured

  • Dilliser Rai says:

    I have got peace in my life,receiving Jesus as my personal savior, it is really true,He died for my sin on the Calvary and shed all His blood for my sin sake,He became my shield and a good helper in any difficulties,
    He teaches me to do depend on Him while i am in trouble,and He gives me a comfort in my heart and make me happiness,so that i can share my happiness to my friends telling them about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to the sinners upon this earth,i think this is a very good opportunity to all people around the world to hear His good news and to do believe without delay.There is not any God to save the world from the sins,accept His precious blood.I can’t stay without thanking my Lord Jesus the savior.

  • Gayla says:

    Im 45 yrs old……& I have just been saved & I am beginning a new life with God……..Ive never known such freedom & peace…..So I guess I can honestly say….Everythng in my life is good…Now that I have God….I am so blessed……Thank you Jesus

  • Greg says:

    Praise the Lord for this day, for opening this sight to me, and getting inspiration from all of you that have left comments. May this family expand throughout the world, bringing peace and love to us all and all those around us. May the Spirit flow through all of us, uniting us as one body under our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am extatic to be born again today – for my health and that of my family, and for Love, may you all have a Blessed Day, Praise the Lord.

  • jenny says:

    well the one thing that good now is having God in my life, giving me the right directions…..

  • chriss says:

    I thank God for giving me ahardworking n God fearing woman and i thank Him too for keeping me safe all the days i’ve spent on this universe and am sure He’s still keeping me n providing me n my family with all the needs that we require and need in our daily life..thanx God for the job you gave me and plz may u keep it up with yo providance..

  • scott says:

    greatful that the lords grace is new every day and that he is in my life thanks to his son christ jesus may god bless all

  • hongo john says:

    Am happy that i can enjoy my life in this world because God has given me this crucial chance and i thank Him for that

  • Steve says:

    I thank God for the gift of each day, a black slate to do with what every He and myself chooses. It’s like Christmas everyday! Someone once told me to wake to your alarm each day as a child on Christmas morning. Now would that child hit the snooze button? :) Rise with excitement and Glorify God!

  • Bud Offutt says:

    I am so BLESSED in every way. I thank God continually for His grace and love for me. I Was in a bad way, a heart attack, and congestive heart failure. My Pastors, Mike Garrett, and Mike Partradge, came and prayed for me. I truly believe GOD HEARD THAT PRAYER! Now I am so thankful, I thought I was thankful to God before? But now I am thankful for every thing.We tend to forget the little things, Can you emagine being thankful to God for toilet paper? I AM! I thank God for my wife, my children, and yes my kitty cats. Every thing that is on this earth or in the earth, THANK GOD! I want to SHOUT it to the world! Bud Offutt.

  • Jay says:

    I am happy because in two days I shall be celebrating the one month anniversary of when I got saved! Not long but the time I have had with Christ feels like years. I am happy because I think I have done well in my exams and I know that the Holy Spirit is within me and I have been blessed with God’s everlasting love!

  • disego says:

    i am so glad that i am able to see the sun as it rises every day and that God is always willing to be my every thing . i smile because i know his love is unconditional and he always listen to me no matter what tym and where i happen to be.

  • scott says:

    i would like to thank the lord for his grace that he pours out every day and that he keeps building me up more every day I THANK HIM FOR MY FAMILY i thank him for sending his word. Amen.

  • I truly thank God for blessing me with such a beautiful family and placing me to preach His gospel where ever i go, and to have the courage to face each day. Thanking Him for the HUGE transformation He has done in my life and being so highly annoited at the age of 18 while other youngsters are just living their lives without involving Christ Jesus….

  • scott says:

    am thankful for my family that the lord has giving me.And happy that the lord has favor in me. Thank you lord! I LOVE YOU!

  • dom says:

    I am greatful for the family the lord has givin me and for what they do for me and it is good to know that the lord had sent them to support me.

  • dom says:

    the grass is greener on the other side on the the lords side the world will be easier if you just trust in the lord he will give you good gifts you just have to have faith

  • Sabrina says:

    You have to always trust in the Lord and you should always go to church read the Bible and praise the Lord!!!

  • Sabrina says:

    I am greatful to be abel to go to church and worship the lord our father with my brother and sisters

  • Sabrina says:

    I am so greatful for my family in and out of the church. I thank the LORD for his church and Pastor Frank

  • im apostolic and i have God. i have been born again in the name of Jesus Christ. I have learned to stand on acts 2;38 no matter what.Thanks to God i have the power to overcome my fears and fight the devil.i have a wonderful life.I have 1 friend(jesus).I am praying for and have yet to receive the Holy Ghost.I have a wonderful church family.I am happy to be one of his sheep.He has helped me overcome the death of my mamaw who i miss very much.I wake up every morning knowing that I have been bessed so much and have so much to thank him for.He is so good to me.he may not come when i want him but he is always on time.thank you

  • Bethel Noah says:

    I thank God for the life I live today. He gives me strength to go to school. I am grateful to Jesus for Redeemed People’s Academy-JOS, NIGERIA bethel noah

  • I am happy that God has not forsaken me or forgotten me at all despite the difficulties I face everyday.

  • Scott says:

    I would like to thank the lord for his unfailing love