Have you ever changed your views about an important belief?

Christians have been debating issues of theology, major and minor, since the earliest days of the church. I can’t count the number of friendly debates I’ve had with fellow Christians over matters of beliefs—late-night conversations in college; dinner-table debates at family gatherings; long-winded email exchanges with friends.

Thinking about these debates makes me wonder which ones, if any, caused me to change my mind about an important issue. Usually I emerge from such discussions with my beliefs unchanged, but I have changed my views at times. Sometimes all it took was a single insightful conversation, and sometimes it was a slowly-dawning realization that took place over the course of years.

Think about the times (if any) that you’ve changed your views about an issue within Christianity that was important to you. Was it a sudden a-ha! moment of clarity, or a long process? Did you come to the conclusion prayerfully on your own, or were you convinced by somebody else?

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3 Responses to “Have you ever changed your views about an important belief?”

  • Joyce D. says:

    I’ve learned to not major on the minor issues and this came through a process. I have to stop myself and remember, “Who are you trying to glorify?” Then it leads me back to the cross…

    I enjoy your posts!

    • I like Joyce’s response.
      I also want to make a strong central point: The tail does not wag the dog, the dog wags the tail. What? Well man (society) has forever attempted to re-interpret Scripture to fit evolving societal changes. The point is even when society (man) expeiences moral and relational changes usually resulting from a blending of different cultures, the societal changes cannot change the eternal WORD OF GOD!

  • Rick says:

    I find myself going to one infallible proof of doctrine.. the bible so much more often than years past. There are so many winds of doctrinal change.. speaking in tongues.. God’s own Holy Spirit within us healing just like Jesus healed and even greater works.. do we believe the word? do we believe what Jesus’ words were? Do we believe a Pope, a historical author like Luther, Billy Graham? Rick Warren, our Pastor or do we check everything for agreement like a Borean to the word of God. the infallible word of God? I have changed many beliefs as a process of much time.. I was legalistic now balanced grace and works with the Holy Spirit. The more I read and study the word of God.. the more I change.. it is a living word! God is so awesome.. He preserved His word to draw us to Him and His way like no other person can. Though they are used as tools in that effort..conduits of His word and Spirit. His word is spirit. Awesome.. Thank you for real change Jesus!