Today’s devotional: Humility, built into Creation

Earlier this week, Chris linked to a Daily Encounter devotional about true humility. Interestingly, a new devotional from Wonder of Creation talks about the same topic from a different perspective. Humility isn’t just an abstract concept or vague feeling, writes Dan Ohlman—it’s built into the fabric of Creation in very concrete ways:

Adam, the wood thrush, you, and I all received our material atoms from the soil of the earth, and when we die, our souls go into our Creator’s keeping and our material atoms return to the soil (“dust to dust”) to be used over and over again in future living creatures. Our Creator assigns great value to both material atoms and immaterial souls. How do I know that? Today’s Bible passage is one answer. The Creator Jesus humbled himself to become human and “became obedient to death.” The immaterial God took on material atoms. The one who formed Adam from adamah and humans from humus experienced the confining, humiliating, subservient earthly life and suffered an earthly death. But He rose again from the grave and is waiting at His father’s side to be sent back to reign on the refreshed and restored earth (Acts 3:19-21). This gives great meaning to my childhood prayer: “Now I lay me down to sleep/ I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep/ If I should die before I wake/ I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take.” I can trust the Maker of atoms and the Keeper of souls.

Read the full devotional at Wonder of Creation.

Jesus’ humility is seen not just in the way he spoke and acted; it is most powerfully evident in the very choice to be born as a human. Have you thought about Jesus’ humility in that way before?

One Response to “Today’s devotional: Humility, built into Creation”

  • Sean Scott says:

    God, the maker of of all things and the earth, became a man so He could stub his toe on a rock, that He made! The God-Jesus could not relate to us on our human level. The man-Jesus did not have the power to save us, but the God-Jesus (God as a man) loves us so much that He allowed Himself to smell BO, to stub his toes, to get splinters in his pinky, to feel hunger, to feel sore muscles … even though it seems beneath God to do so.