Today’s Devotional: Washing Away Our Sins

Over the last month I’ve been restoring an old bicycle. I rescued it from a thrift store where I found it covered in dirt, grease, and rust. Its components were misaligned, and the chain snapped the first time I tried to ride it.

Bringing out the beauty and functionality of that old bike has been a laborious process, but also an immensely satisfying one. And as this devotional from Today reminds us, that restoration process is reflective of what God does for us through the blood of Jesus:

One morning from our deck we saw our neighbors’ dining room windows cranked wide open and long arms rubbing the glass. Those energetic arms belonged to the grandsons of our friends.

Teenagers washing windows for their grandparents! Our friends must have been thrilled! […]

Today’s psalm speaks of washing our souls. Those good-natured grandsons didn’t use hyssop. It looked more like water and elbow grease. God didn’t use hyssop on us either. He used blood—the blood of his Son—shed on a cross for those who can only cry, “Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.”

Our friends can look out their window, remember their grandsons, and say, “Didn’t those boys do a wonderful job?” God can look at me and say to his Son, “Jesus, you did a wonderful job.” And I, his cleansed child, am thrilled!

Have you seen an everyday act of restoration—like the rebuilding of a broken-down bike—that calls to mind Christ’s redeeming work in your life?

13 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Washing Away Our Sins”

  • Ayo says:

    What can compare to the redeeming power of the blood!

  • jim says:

    Grace, Nothing can compare with it, but for it to become meaningful in the lives of others we must share what it means to us. God has given us the opportunity to be a vessel that carries this truth around. Are we off loading it at every port (life) we come into contact with.

  • Nataline Gonsalves says:

    Power, of the Holy Spirit that reveals and helps to discern the right from the wrong. Yes, the blood of Jesus has a tremendous impact on our souls. It not only cleanses our souls but gives us a new life, a life to live for others. So let’s march over and bring victory in the name of Jesus. Alleluia

  • Isaac Ofori says:

    Jesus is the greatest man the world has ever had. His redeeming power is awesome. Great is thy faithfulness!
    jesus is Lord!!!!

  • Jazmen says:

    I’m glad that Jesus loves us, and wants to restore us!

  • hi my name is shawn. im kind of trying to find my way back to god if thats what we call it these days? i’ve done so much wrong in my life and i’ve sinned so much that i feel like even if i sought forgivness, i dont think i deserve it. ive been trying to make myself a better person and do the right thing, treat people with kindness and respect and basically try to be a more peaceful person and goin by a whole what would jesus do thing. i could use alot of advice if anyone can try and help me or guide me through this cause im having a hard time changing myself and part of me wants to give up. i mean everyone tells me “god loves you, god will forgive you no matter what you’ve done as long as you try to do better and learn from your mistakes.”. so does that mean that god forgives child molesters, rapists, murderers, ect. you know those kinds of people? im not saying im one of those kinds of people but i have done some evil things in my life. if u knew me in real life, you would understand. i dont know im just looking for some answers. i wanna find some way to forgive myself and move forward in life. so if anyone can give me any kind of advice or anything, message me or comment or whatever i dont know how this works maybe im in the wrong website and should be going to some sort of therapy haha. but anyway, any help would be much appreciated. oh and another thing, may i ask what this story had to do with washing away sin? just wondering.

    • blessed33-1 says:

      Mr. Shawn Davis let me tell you that God is real and he does forgive, and he loves you and me very much. there are situations/people in life that may influence us to live a certian way whether good are bad. In order to do better we have to know better, and maybe you never knew better.God can show you better if you ask him. Ask him to come into your life and make him your lord and savior and he will handle the rest. God is Love,

    • Ms. Clinton-Bush says:

      God says that he throws it in the sea of forgiveness. Its us who continues to hold on to them. He knew you when you were in your mothers womb therefore he knew you me and everyone else would sin. begin to walk in the future and seek god for understanding of his word Many are called and only a few are choosen so there is no time to sob girl get up and do the works of the lord by assisting in building his kingdom he says what ever is bind in heaven is bind on earth and what ever is loosed in heaven is loosed her on earth, walk in your calling continue to seek him. Every day we try to do better STOP TRYIN give it to god he is the one who delivers us and heals us.

    • Ken says:

      Hey Shawn, I was in your shoes sort of.The Christ to me was like that kid in school that you knew but didn’t really hang around. I knew of Him but I didn’t really get to KNOW Him until I saw the effort of my mother getting to know Him. She revealed to me the answers that the Word of the Almighty Father can supply and until this day it hasn’t failed. Before I solidified my relationship with Him I wasn’t into appropriate for things as a kid but it was when He entered my life when I was broken bike or as above a dirty car that He said forsake the things that are keeping you from growth and allow me to help you start out fresh( being fixed or being cleansed). The Christ died on the cross before I even committed the iniquities and allowed me to start out fresh in order to attain eternal salvation that He promises to everyone. Through the forgiveness granted to me gracious and undeserving by the Heavenly Father through his Son I don’t have worry about my past…I can live for Him without feeling remorseful of my past. I can us it as testimony and be witness for His intervention. May the Heavenly Father bless you, May He keep you close. May His face shine upon you and that He may show and grant you grace. May His face be toward and may He lead you to peace in His pasture. Peace be with you my brother. You are family to me in Christ.

  • Arnold says:

    Hi Shawn,because of our desire to change our life for the better, we try many things and when we fail we become weary and giving up become an option. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is to LET GO and LET GOD. We LET GO of the things we dearly care that causes us to fall into sin. After that, we LET GOD, we let God do the thing only HE can do, that is, WASHING OUR SINS and changing us.Washing our Sins, means, He will remember our sins no more. We let GOD do the renewing of our mind. In our mind, the battle happens, that’s why it needs to be conquered and be renewed. Only God can do that, we need to allow Him do the changing through the power of the Promised Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The old us will no longer be seen but someone new. Someone conformed in the image of His creator.
    But first thing first, we must first acknowledge that Jesus is our GOD and not a Gennie that we have 3 wishes to be granted. He deserves our worship. He is our KING, that He is the One to be followed not ourself or our own desire.
    God bless you.

  • Brad Soukup says:

    “What can wash away my sins?”
    “What can make me whole again?”

  • Nadirah Islam says:


    It’s not “What” but “WHO; Jesus Christ can wash away “all” your sins!
    “What can make me you whole again”; Who…….Jesus Christ! He is the Creator of all creation, including you. He has created everything in the heavens and the earth without help, so how easy is it for Him to heal and fix that which he created? He is the architect, the designer; He is the one who layed out the floor plan named Brad Soukup; Acknowledge and trust in Him and know that He is GOD; nothing is too hard for Him; He giveth and He taketh away.

    May God Bless You and grant you perfect peace.

  • Gloria says:

    To Shawn,
    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    God will forgive us our sins. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Study the word of God.