Today’s devotional: extending grace on game day

The worlds of college and professional sports are not always marked by gracious and sporting behavior. But sometimes an act of genuine class takes place, elevating the participants above the all-consuming rush for victory. In one such instance, described at the Our Daily Bread devotional, a Christian school in southern California did something beautiful:

When the Los Angeles Times covered a 2008 conference championship soccer match between two Christian schools, Azusa Pacific University and Westmont College, it was about far more than winning the game. Three days earlier, a wildfire had swept through the Westmont campus, destroying several academic buildings, faculty homes, and student rooms. Unable to host the game, the rules required Westmont to forfeit. Instead, Azusa invited their opponents to play at their campus where they welcomed Westmont fans with free admission and lunch.

Rather than taking the default victory handed to them, Azusa extended a gracious invitation to their opponent. It cost them their victory—Westmont went on to win the game—but Azusa’s behavior ensured that everyone emerged from the game with something to be proud about.

What other acts of Christlike grace have you seen, either on the sports field or in your everyday life?

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