Today’s Devotional: Boldly Going Forward

Would you characterize your life as “bold”? In this Morning and Evening devotional by Charles Spurgeon, we’re challenged to be bold in all that we do:

Dear friend, are you already saved? Then keep not back from union with the Lord’s people. Neglect not the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. You may be of a timid disposition, but you must strive against it, lest it lead you into disobedience. There is a sweet promise made to those who confess Christby no means miss it, lest you come under the condemnation of those who deny Him. If you have talents keep not back from using them. Hoard not your wealth, waste not your time; let not your abilities rust or your influence be unused. Jesus kept not back, imitate Him by being foremost in self-denials and self-sacrifices. Keep not back from close communion with God, from boldly appropriating covenant blessings, from advancing in the divine life, from prying into the precious mysteries of the love of Christ. Neither, beloved friend, be guilty of keeping others back by your coldness, harshness, or suspicions. For Jesus’ sake go forward yourself, and encourage others to do the like. Hell and the leaguered bands of superstition and infidelity are forward to the fight. O soldiers of the cross, keep not back.

Spurgeon’s reminder to actively seek Christian fellowship, use our talents, and share our blessings is a good one. Are there areas in your life where you’ve been holding back? What would it take for you to be bold in your service of God?

4 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Boldly Going Forward”

  • Lis says:

    THis is hard when someone in ministry someone you looked up to made sexual advvances at yuou and then denied it when he was accused.

  • Denese says:

    Pray for discernment in this area. Ask God to open you heart and eyes to see what he wants you to see and give you the explanation that you need. Pray for Gods guidance,it may be that God wants to move you to another church so that you can grow better in his word.

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Lis, you don’t say how this came about. Are you both free and single, and his advance a misunderstanding of the situation, or is he unavailable, and his advances wholly inappropriate?
    In the first case, he may not want to admit it because he is embarrassed that he made a mistake ( we are all human, after all!) but if it’s the second of these, make no mistake- God, and anyone else who is a genuine Christian abhors lies and deceit and this man is not a true representative of a God who loves you, or a typical example of those who follow that God.
    I pray that you can find a genuine Christian you can really trust to help you to sort through your feelings, and if necessary, do something about the situation.
    Until that person arives, I pray that you have the courage to bypass other people and go straight to God for the help and the love you need.
    God bless, Rachel