Today’s Devotional: Power and Praise

God deserves our fear. After all, He is the Prime Mover of the Universe. In Him alone is the power to control all of Creation. However, as we read in this devotional from Our Daily Bread, God’s desire isn’t for us to just cower in fear before Him, but to praise Him:

The prophet Isaiah caught a glimpse of this God. In a vision that mingled the wonders of a Messianic kingdom with the promise of a new heaven and earth, he describes One who makes the skies His throne and the earth His footstool (Isa. 66:1).

Yet Isaiah saw something even more overwhelming. He saw a great God who wants His people to be glad and rejoice forever in what I create (65:18). In response, lets bow before Him in humble adoration (66:2).

Astoundingly, despite holding all the power in the world, God chooses to delight and please us with all that He does.

Do you find it easy to praise God for the good things He’s given us? What in Creation draws you to praise Him?

5 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Power and Praise”

  • Isaiah Ongoma says:

    i thank you soo much for making me believe in God. I was a sinner but now i have decided to accept Jesus christ of Nazareth as my personal saviour. Its just my humble pray that you be with me in prayers i remain firm in the lords word and also to serve him in truth and spirit through_out the days of my life.

    • Sheila says:

      God bless you Isaiah.
      It’s been awhile since you wrote this, but angels are still singing in Heaven and rejoicing in your belief and love of Jesus. I will pray for you as you find the connections you need to keep growing and studying each day. I praise God for sending His Son so that you may find faith and love.

  • Sagar M.S.K says:

    I thank Lord Our God for each an everything, what i am is just because of him, without him nothing is possible, right from birth till today he was with me, he is with me and he will be with me all the times, Glory to God

  • Luis says:

    The primordial title for God is “Creator”. Everything else, as important as it is, falls second place. Without a creator there would be no life (existance) and without this fact nothing else would matter. But He is not only a Creator but a loving, just, tender, prefect and humble one. Could you imagine a universe where a being such as Satan could also create? Then you would appreciate our Creator even more so.

  • Sheila says:

    I have never thot of Satan as a creator. He is so good at using the creations we have against us, that is a horrible thot and makes me thank The Father even more.