What makes a Bible translation accurate? Join the discussion at Perspectives in Translation

What makes a Bible translation accurate? Is accuracy defined by exact faithfulness to the wording of the original text? Or is accuracy a matter of capturing the meaning behind the original words?

That’s the opening discussion question at the brand-new Perspectives in Translation forum, which just launched at our sister site BibleGateway.com. The forum, hosted by Collin Hansen of The Gospel Coalition, is dedicated to scholarly dialogue about the tough questions of English Bible translation. A team of respected Bible and translation scholars will be debating every aspect of Bible translation.

You’ll find the dialogue there insightful and thought-provoking—and we hope you’ll not only read it, but particpate in the discussion yourself. Stop by Perspectives in Translation to watch the discussion unfold and to share your own questions and observations!

5 Responses to “What makes a Bible translation accurate? Join the discussion at Perspectives in Translation”

  • Rick says:

    I have found that everyone has a somewhat different translation for Bible verses they read. I have taken part in different Bible study groups and most often people seem to differ on translation. People seem to lean to what the verse means to them and how it plays out in their personal life for the most part.

  • Lee Schaeffer says:

    The translation that I use is the New Living Translation, which clearly speaks to me. The other translations that I use are The New International Version, the Living Bible, The Message, and New King James Version. When reading these different versions during Bible Studies, I have found the different versions often shed more insight on what GOD is saying. When we pray for GOD’s understanding and insight, HE provides it directly. Whenever one version is held to be the only true version, for instance, the original King James Version, I do not want to cause a conflict and usually try to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • hrmsy says:

    KJV says “holy men of God spake as they were carried along by the Spirit”, and “all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine and reproof so that the man of God may be furnished to every good work.”
    what it (that would be God) is saying in His word to us is that YOU must be inspired to receive the Word of God, Spirit (John 6:63) of God.
    You will attempt to see what I mean because your mind can not understand what is clearly spoken here because you do not have the
    i n s p i r a t i o n. On the other hand if you do understand this than you know that it is “Christ in you the hope of glory”. This quandary of understanding comes about because after Jesus sets most believers free they are indoctrinated to believe that they must go to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and begin to choose there way into the kingdom of God. Jesus said (according to the Gospel writers) “you blind guides you prevent others from entering in and you are not entering in yourselves. Believers I meet are still trying to acheive something…instead of becoming somebody in Christ we need to find out who we are, and that my friends comes through the revelation of Jesus Christ who gave up His flesh so that we could be restored to our creator God (Isaiah 42-44). Accept the grief of God, and share in His suffering, and you will understand that you are sons of the Living God born of His Spirit and not yet glorified but very close to translation. If you read this far, call on the name of Jesus to reveal not what it means or how it is written, but the inspiration necessary to understand, and you will know as fully as you are known. I love you.

  • Yuliya says:

    Hello, I thought it would be interesting for you to read some news about Bible translation. Russia is currently putting a lot of effort to translate the Bible into different languages of Russian small communities. And this contributes a lot into the development of quality Bible translation in slavic languages. Althought it is surprising that they haven’t completed all the languages so far..

  • my point of view, what makes the bible translation accurate is to seek the annoinment and inspiration of the Holy spirit. Doing this and with the knowledge of translation with the exact wording of the original text, will prevent a lot failure and the original meaning will stays accurate, so the only changes would be the languages and different versions this is my point of view hoping that God will gaves more wisdom and understanding, in Jesus name.