Today’s Devotional: God’s Everlasting Arms

In this Morning and Evening devotional, Charles Spurgeon observes a simple yet profound truth of the Christian life: no matter how low we sink, no matter what we do or what trials we face, God is always there:

God—the eternal God—is himself our support at all times, and especially when we are sinking in deep trouble. There are seasons when the Christian sinks very low in humiliation. Under a deep sense of his great sinfulness, he is humbled before God till he scarcely knows how to pray, because he appears, in his own sight, so worthless. Well, child of God, remember that when thou art at thy worst and lowest, yet underneath thee are everlasting arms. Sin may drag thee ever so low, but Christs great atonement is still under all. You may have descended into the deeps, but you cannot have fallen so low as the uttermost; and to the uttermost he saves. Again, the Christian sometimes sinks very deeply in sore trial from without. Every earthly prop is cut away. What then? Still underneath him are the everlasting arms. He cannot fall so deep in distress and affliction but what the covenant grace of an ever-faithful God will still encircle him. The Christian may be sinking under trouble from within through fierce conflict, but even then he cannot be brought so low as to be beyond the reach of the everlasting armsthey are underneath him; and, while thus sustained, all Satans efforts to harm him avail nothing.

Does knowing that we can never “be beyond the reach of the everlasting arms’ comfort you? How does that knowledge change how you approach situations in your life?

11 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: God’s Everlasting Arms”

  • Diana Newcomb says:

    How I needed to hear this tdy. I’ve been a nurse for 28 years and untill a few months ago had been a neonatal icu nurse. I had enough of hospitals and was burned out. I worried I would not find anyone who would want to train this old dog.

    I am now a hospice nurse. It found me. what a change of venue but so rewarding. what has continued to plague me is am I doing what He desires, I feel inadequate, out of my comfort zone, still learning and so, so lost. But I know, after reading about His Everlasting Arms, that He is always with me. We forget sometimes that no matter the circumstance His faith, love, guidance is always there holding us up and giving us hope for a brighter day. When I am overwhelmed by my job, the sheer enormity of what I do everday, the needs I hope to meet everday, the trust my pt’s families put in me; I must sit and be still. let Father God minister to my soul and calm the storm within and without. Feel His arms under and around me.
    This was the first time on this site…I’ll be back! Thank you!

  • Keishea Henderson says:

    Im so glad that i went to this website because inspirational words is what i needed to hear at a time like this. i am a fulltime caregiver 7 days a week, a wife to a wonderful husband for 14 years, a stepmother to two children, a auntie to a host of nieces and nephews, and a grandmother.

    i have many duties and play many roles in my everyday life. i just lost my dad to cancer 3 months ago and he died here in my new home my husband and i just purchased a few years ago. i began to get depressed today thinking about him and feeling stressed from all the many roles i have to play in a day, but instantly when i think of GOD and all that he has done for me i know then that he has his arms wrapped all around me. he is keeping me and strengthening me each day. i’m thankful and grateful for his love,grace, and mercy. Lord God just keep blessing me i cant make it without you.

  • Lily Dollard says:

    I am so happy that I clicked on this site today. I have for sometime been pulling the opposite way in which GOD would have me to go. I begin to feel ashame because I felt that I was not worthy. I have been through so much in my life and the only time that I felt the happiest is when I was studying the Bible. I needed those encouraging words and pray that will give me the peace knowing that GOD has never left me.

  • Ronda says:

    I cannont feel His everlasting arms holding me up right now. Both of my parents passed away 4 yrs ago and I’m a single women. I know He is there though. I just can’t feel Him right now. His word says He never leaves us, so I must believe it to be true. My body aches with stress, My need to learn to rest in Him that He will take care of me is my greatest prayer today!

  • Jay says:

    Thank you Lord for this daily devotional. I need a place to go daily for your refreshing reminder that You are my salvation and Your never ending mercy will get me through whatever this world will try to destroy. Thank you Jesus for your pease and love.

  • Brittany A says:

    This is definately one of those times where you know God put something great in your path. I have been torn apart daily for last five months and my faith was slowly fading. Everyday life became a burdon, no matter how I tried to figure it out. I fell into the comfort of Sin and from that point on Satan wanted me badly. But, This last month has really taught me how to pray! I have cried out to God and I believe he is still Holding me in his arms!
    Thank God for mercy.

  • Ulrich says:

    I want to give God thanks because he has never left my side, even in times of troubles he has been right by my side,
    So I want to lift up this morning that Satan is a liar,
    And the world we live in will come to past,
    The day I look into my heart and the sky, and see Jesus eyes.
    We are not of this world so trying to fit in or just get along can be difficult,
    When you know Satan aim is the accuser,
    But you know one thing,
    And that one thing is he died for our sins,
    But not only died, He lived so I can be with him.
    Thanks you Jesus, Thank you God for your loving kindness,
    For your endless love.

    Your Son,


  • Kate says:

    I’m so pleased I clicked on the blog. Jesus is saying “rest in me and everything will ok.” You can kind of tell when a trial will come along.

  • mary says:

    Yes we can get so low that even darkness surrounds us all. I love Job has be said God, what shall you have me do? He never gave up his faith, this is how we are different as christians. We always know we have our Lord to provide a place to lay our weary heads.

  • Barbara says:

    Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you Ronda, Cry out just Cry out Our Heavenly Father wants to hear from you today

  • JCS says:

    Knowing that I am never beyond the reach of his “everlasting arms” lets me know that everything that I feel in hardship and disstress is only a temporary feeling. I feel that God tears you down to build you back up. In my darkest hours I know that God is still right there with me. Calling on his name gives me strength, encouragement and guidance because I know that God is an everlasting God. God will not leave me nor forsake me he has my best interest at hand. And I love him for that. His everlasting arms hold me in the mist of my trials, the reassurance that everything will be ok keeps my spirits high. And being able to approach situations with the knowledge that God’s evelasting Arms are around me keeps me from getting upset and overwhelmed with the stresses of work and life. I am only 22 and I feel that God speaks to me in a way that many young adults may not feel God. With this knowledge I keep on keeping on as my mother would say. It is hard sometimes but with God’s grace and mercy I know he will see me through.

  • omolaja says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, YES! What a good thing to know that despite the stress and inadequacies as Apostle Paul said ‘that the amour of flesh will always fail, it is only GOD that can not fail. The Aposle said, ‘I discovered that what I ougth not to do is what I finds myself doing’ It is only our reliance on the GRACE OF GOD and dailly meditating and obeying his commandments that can make us glue to Him and love Him the more BUT for His LOVE for us is unconditional ROMANS 4 V10-13 AND 1CORINTHIANS 6 V 13.

  • Eric says:

    I thank God that his love reaches wherever we are. We are not beyond God’s saving grace and this makes me hope against hope. When you are down the enemy would think he has got you or you may feel the worst has happened to you. But that has happened for you to experience the “everlasting arms” of God which is the cushion and security of faith. I am blessed by this message and I will encourage all to seek the Lord while He may be found, stake on Him, lean on the Almighty God, and His everlasting arms will keep on safe. I wish people will discover this devotional blog.