Today’s Devotional: What Should be Our Priorities?

How much time do you spend worrying about clothes, food and other necessities of life?

In Matthew 6 Jesus tells us that our worry over those things is misguided. Instead, our priorities should be seeking the kingdom of God and pursuing God’s righteousness (or justice depending on the translation). And, as Kent Van Til of the Today devotional reminds us, by seeking the kingdom and God’s justice, everything that we need will follow:

In ancient times, a king was the provider of justice and peace in the land. So seeking Gods kingdom involves a search for the justice of God. And we know what Gods justice is like if we have read Jesus teaching in the text surrounding our passage for today (see Matthew 5-7). In the kingdom great reversals occurthe poor inherit kingdom riches, the sorrowful are comforted, the empty are filled. The justice of God turns worldly justice on its head. The first are last, and the last first.

As Christians, we are called to seek out and establish this upside-down justice of Gods kingdom. Remember that seeking this justice is primary. To justice seekers in Gods kingdom, other things will come.

Is God convicting you about any of your priorities? What changes could you make to your life in order to make pursuing the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness bigger priorities?

2 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: What Should be Our Priorities?”

  • Ronda says:

    To make obedience to His word my number one priority. The key to God’s Power is obedience and the grace to obey was already provided 2000 years ago. This means we all have the ability to do it. I heard Joyce Meyer respond to a question on her television show one day. Someone wrote asking her, “I can’t seem to obey the word, do you have any suggestions?” Joyce said, “the only thing that will cause you to obey God is to get to know Him. Falling in love with Him will cause us to obey Him.” We do it out of love for Him. not because we are ordered too.

  • Gale says:

    Studying God’s Word more and continously striving to obey His Word are my priorities. The more I study His Word, the better I get to know Him. Relationship is what I’m seeking.

  • Damon Blackshear says:

    waiting on God, patience that’s my biggest task. Not taking things into my own hands. God has allowed me to get better at this but I feel I still could do alot better at helping those around me understand that I have to wait on God no matter what.