Are You Doing Anything for Lent?

Not every Christian tradition celebrates Lent, but many do. While my denomination doesn’t require its members to participate in Lent, it does encourage us to use the time to “invest in practices that heighten our awareness of God.” In keeping with that, I’ve decided to set aside an hour of every day during Lent for private devotions (by humphries at dress head). I’ve done this off and on before, but never consistently or for an extended season. After all, who has an hour every single day to spend doing “nothing”?

Some of you are thinking to yourselves: “One hour? I don’t have time for that!” Me neither—it’s going to be difficult for me to make the time, but that’s the point. And my hat is off to those of you who are thinking, “One hour? That seems so short!”

What about you? Are you fasting from anything, or doing anything special for Lent this year?

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  • eric larson says:

    The churches that forbid people to eat meat during lent should read 1timothy chapter 4.

  • I asked friends and family to give me a name of someone they know to who is ill or in need of prayer for economic/financial difficulty issues. I am praying for each one and lifting them up everyday for 40 days. This is different than my normal prayers for friends and family. Always gave up something for lent, now I’m giving up time.

  • Tonia says:

    I am fasting from desserts, candy and sugar drinks.

  • Brittani says:

    Hello, I’m not really sure what Lent is? Can someone tell me the significance of lent, please? is it symbolic of when Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness? What did Jesus do during lent, or what was it called back then?

  • YOB says:

    I am attending the Mass everyday,following the liturgy of praying THE WAY OF CROSS every Tuesday and Friday.fasting two times per week for all sinners and helping those in need whenever possible.

  • I am celebrating Lent this year for the first time. I have given up tv one hour each day to pray and read the bible so that I may become closer to God. That was the original plan. I have become involved with prayer partners across the globe and pray at 7 am and 7 pm with my sister everyday. Realize that all the partners are doing this. As a Christian, it is my desire that we come together as a unit instead of individuals. In doing this, I pray that we become stronger in God’s will and doing this to bring glory to His Holy Name. Not that I want anything but to know Him more.

  • o d walker says:

    Iam fasting,praying and witnessing.

  • Lavenia Ward says:

    I gave up gambling for Lent! I pray to God that I don’t go back to that habit when the 40 days of Lent is over.I know that God will provide for me.He promised, and I seek to do his will.

  • Kelly says:

    I am praying for all the kids in the the world and their parents who really must pay more social attention to them. I am also praying for a deliverance for He is leading me to ministry.