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Internet usage worldwide and the opportunity for missions to use the Web

Internet World Stats now provide a page with all the world’s countries, along with population, internet users, and internet penetration. Here are their Top 10 languages used online. Check their links and discussion of methodology at the foot of that page. Few analysts seem to calculate language use after the top ten. The only source I know of is Wikipedia’s Top 34 languages listing. Satellite company O3b Networks has linked up with Google and other investors to bring cheaper, high-speed wireless Internet access to areas unlikely to see investments in fiber infrastructure. O3b stands for “other 3 billion”, a reference to the world’s population that still can’t access the Internet. O3b, which is based in UK’s Channel Islands, said construction is under way on 16 satellites that will drop the cost for ISPs and operators to provide Internet access over 3G (third-generation) and WiMax networks. Read more.

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