Lausanne Regional Gathering in Abuja, Nigeria: The African Church Prepares for 2010
African church leaders identify the most critical issues facing the African Church over the next five years and explore ways of making Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress as effective as possible

The Ethnicity of English Churchgoers
A look at how ethnic churches in the United Kingdom have grown over the last few years

Scavengers No More: Looking at Homelessness in Metro Manila
The author shares how investing in one homeless family in Manila impacted her entire worldview of those who are homeless.

Book Review: Global Pentecostalism: The New Face of Christian Social Engagement
A review of Donald Miller's and Ted Yamamori's book on global Pentecostalism.

Mission Next: Relating to the Majority World Harvest Force
Information on the 2008 North American Mission Leaders Conference.

Evangelization Efforts in Northeast Asia
Looking at evangelization efforts among the largest eighteen people clusters in Northeast Asia.

ProChrist in Poland Sees Thousands Make First-time Commitments for Christ
An overview of ProChrist Poland.

Mission in the Global Village
The high-tech, real-time communication and the global economy have brought the global village into existence. What does this mean in God's economy?

Missional House Churches in the United States
Five lessons from missional house churches in the United States

The Luke Partnership: A First Step in Evangelism, Church Planting, and Descipleship
The Luke Partnership includes: the translation of Luke’s Gospel (usually published in both print and audio form), the JESUS film (based on the Gospel of Luke), and further Old and New Testament selections.