Time to Shine: The Chinese Church, Church Plantinting, and World Missions
An overview of the Chinese Church both within China and its work in missions worldwide.


Evangelism and Church Planting: Implementing the Ministry Pultiplication Cycle
Using the strategy Jesus employed—of moving people from outside the kingdom to becoming believers, disciples, workers, and eventually world Christians—church-planting ministries have consistently employed their own versions of what some refer to as the "Ministry Multiplication Cycle."


Church Planting and Evangelism in the Twenty-first Century
The interconnected relationship between evangelism and church planting is the hallmark of a healthy Christian community.


LWP - The People Clusters of Southern Asia
South Asia is home to seventy-three people group clusters. However, the “major” thirty-nine groups represent 1.3 billion people in southern Asia.


LWP - Evangelism in Southern Asia
The countries in South Asia have the fastest growing churches in the world; they also face some of the strongest, most systematic forms of persecution.


LWP-Lausanne Fifth International Researchers’ Conference Report
Sixty-seven delegates representing every continent attended the 5th International Lausanne Researchers’ Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


LWP- Many Faces of Poverty in China
Four faces of poverty in China--and hope on the horizon.


LWP - Beijing’s Poor and the 2008 Olympic Games
The author shares how countless Chinese urbanites and migrant workers have been displaced by the upcoming Olympics.


LWP - Urban Poverty and Urban Slums in China
The author discusses the "floating population" in China and its relation to the hukou system.


LWP-Global Sporting Events and the Urban Poor
An introduction to those living in poverty in China and the impact of the Olympic Games on their lives.