Devotional : The Lords Prayer: A Meditation Matthew 6:9-13
In this devotional, Dr. Kieran Beville, Pastor of Lee Valley Bible Church in Ballincollig, Ireland takes us through a beautiful meditation on the Lord's prayer in Matthew 6:9-13

Drop the Religious Spirit
The religious spirit is not from God, but from the enemy, and it shows up in the church today in many places. To resist it, we Christians must pray and be filled with the Holy Spirit instead.

Devotional : Courage
During a recent trip to India, I learned an important lesson in courage from believers who do not let fear of violence or death deter them from spreading the Good News of Jesus.

Devotional : Obsessed with Distraction
We live in an amazing technological age. From anywhere and at anytime, I can read the news, watch a movie and check my email. We're more entertained, informed and productive than we have ever been. But what effect is this having on our relationship with God?

Speaking your Audience's Language
When you seek to communicate with those outside your faith, do you ever feel like you're not getting through? People speak different psychological, emotional and intellectual languages. To reach them, learn to speak their language.

Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?
The death penalty is a controversial issue among Christians and non-Christians alike. What does the Bible have to say about it?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
Halloween seems like a holiday custom made for children - dressing up, eating candy and staying up late. Should Christians be concerned about all the witch, ghost and demon costumes, or is it all perfectly harmless?

Why Did God Create Satan?
God created all things in the beginning, including Satan. Why would God deliberately create something so evil and powerful?

Devotional : The Way We Witness
Is there still a place for television and radio ministry in today's society? What about preaching in public places - does it even work? Is anyone listening? This devotional explains why it's so important to have humility and faith when it comes to preaching the Gospel, and to surrender our methods of witnessing to Jesus just as we do with every other aspect of our lives.

Coping with Loneliness at Christmas
Tis the season to be gloomy? That's how many of your friends feel during the holidays. Heres a short piece that can point them to the Friend who will never desert them.

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