Magicians and Ventriloquists
An pro-Christian magician article by Robert H. Hill about magicians and ventriloquists. Discusses: vocabulary, the supernatural and deception.

magic-and-the-bible.pdf (application/pdf Object)
An article about magic and the bible written by Andre Kole, a professional magician and Christian. Looks into Old and New Testament passages that mention witchcraft and magic.

Kid’s Corner
Welcome to Kid’s Corner where you are sure to find all kinds of fun stuff. Watch the juggling video.

A $1.00 Lesson
The $1 bill–people will pray for it, work for it, lie and cheat for it, but few ever take a good look at it. Take out a one dollar bill, and look at it. The one dollar bill you’re looking at first came off the presses in 1957 in its present design.

What did YOU like best?
Find out what other kids like about my programs.

Shampoo Cam
Every magician must have a rabbit. I call my rabbit Shampoo. I’m sure you are thinking that is a funny name for a rabbit. Well, I call my rabbit Shampoo because it has something to do with the hare. Do you know how you get a rabbit to do tricks? You have to condition it.

Jest Kidding Downloads
Looking for my special $100 bill? Here it is. How about a Bunny Copter or a model airplane?

Jesus In The Snow
As I was growing up, my folks had this picture hanging in our living room. It’s called “Jesus in the snow.” There was a piece of paper taped on the back side of the picture that told the story of how the picture came about.

Things To Make
It is fun and easy to make some really cool stuff like Playdough, Silly Putty, Marshmallows and Ice Cream.

Short video of a show
Most of my programs are 45-60 minutes. What would one look like if you could see it in 4 minutes? This will give you an idea of what my live programs are like.