Praise and worship: What's Working Globally (Part 1)
This report takes input from youth workers around the globe to gleen insights on what's working and what's not in using music with youth. Part one motivates us with the power of music and challenges us to use styles that fit our God-given purposes.

small groups: Introducing Youself to Parents
This is an example letter that I sent out to parents of my 7th grade small group to introduce myself as their leader and invite their input. Adapt and use.

Discussion Groups: Get-to-Know-You Game
A good game that you can adapt and use to help students in your small group get to know each other. Each student gets a copy and a pencil.

Small Groups: How to Shepherd Your Group
A short article to help people leading small groups to shepherd their group with a shepherding notebook.

Small Groups: How to Lead One for Youth
A "talk-back" group is a 20-minute small group meeting following a big group worship and teaching time. Purposes: shepherding, connecting and applying the message. This paper is handed out and taught to the leaders when they first come on board.

Youth Ministry: Diagnostic Evaluation
A questionnaire to help youth workers evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of their ministries.

Missions: 21 Ways to Avoid It
Follow this sage advice to ensure that don't end up on the mission field.

Missions: Are They Mandatory?
WARNING: Don't read this article just before bedtime. You'll either get mad, feel guilty (horrors!), become a missionary, or weep. But you won't sleep!

Short-Term Missions: Short List of Universal Standards
A great checklist to see if you're on track with your approach to short-term missions.

Student Missions: 10 Emerging Trends
We've come a long way in student missions over the past couple of decades. Seth Barnes briefs us on how local ministries are making short-term missions more effective.