The Outflow Of The Heart » God’s Hand In Creation
From moon light to sunrise, take a look at some recent examples of the beauty of creation. Our God is incredible and worthy to be praised.

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I was reading the blog over at and found this link to the New York Times. Looks like they have put together a map of all the mega-churches (more than 2000) in the US. I have heard a variety of opinions about

The Outflow Of The Mouth
Quotes From The Mouths of Many - Find The Wisdom Of People Who Have Made or Are Making An Impact Our Life And The Church

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The Outflow of the Mouth provides quotes regarding temptation and what our response to it should be.

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This blog article focuses on a sermon by Andy Stanley talking about with Jesus it is a personal relationship. Following Jesus is not based on what you do but the relationship you have with Him.

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The importance of our story in the grand design of God's grand story. This blog post focuses on a message by Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church and blogger at

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