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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Only Way to End Up Where You Want to Go - #5621
We're trying to figure out the way through our own instincts and speculation. But our only hope is what got my son and me to our destination that night. We need someone who has been there and back! Without that, it's just too easy to get lost, to make a wrong turn, to be wrong - dead wrong. Eternity is too important. It's too long to risk being wrong about.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Bouncing Back when You Blow It - #3801
Maybe it's a pattern you know all too well. Like a dieter, you've made up your mind to change--to do things Jesus' way. You're living right, you're doing well. But one day you mess up and fall back into something the old you would do. And you feel ashamed. Now right here is the point--in dieting or being a disciple--that will determine whether or not this is a brief detour or a huge defeat. What will you do when you've blown it? Now, you can clean up or give up.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Single Question on the Final Exam - #3809
You may have been out of school a while now--and I'm sure you don't miss final exams. But you still have one more. We all do. The day your heart beats its last and you stand before the God who made you. The day when, as the old timers used to say, you "meet your Maker." And it appears from God's Word, the Bible, that there will only be one question on your final exam. But what a question!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - One Hundred and Eighty Degrees - #3822
Now for that lady to end up where she wanted to end up, she had to make a 180-degree turn. So do you - if you're heading in a direction that isn't God's direction for you. If you're doing things you know God doesn't want you to do. Well, God has a 180-degree turn for you - and here's the word for it: "Repent."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Bid for You - #3844
It may be that you don't feel like you're worth much - not after the things you've been called, the way you've been treated, the abuse, the abandonment, the rejection you've experienced. But none of that has anything to do with how much you're worth. Your value is based on Who made you - and how much your Creator sacrificed for you. No one on earth gave you your worth - and no one on earth can take it away!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The "As Soon As" Syndrome - #5316
God calls it sin and He says that our sins "have separated us" from our God. But He's also acted with unspeakable love to demolish the wall that keeps us from the God we were made for


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Just Stuff - #5319
If God were teaching us this in a classroom setting, He might draw a line down the center of the chalkboard and put these headings at the top of each column: "Stuff that doesn't last" and "Stuff that does last." And He says to not get too attached to earth-stuff because it "passes away."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Security Precautions - #3886
Security is on a lot of our minds these days. At least, security for here and now. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect the largest security concerns of all - our security beyond this life, beyond our last heartbeat. It's eternally important to know that you're safe then.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Best Defense Attorney Money Can't Buy - #5391
Here's what it takes to make Jesus your defense for your sin. You have to abandon all other hopes you have for making it with God; whatever religion or heritage or reputation or good deeds that you might have been hoping would save you. And then you bow before the one who died and who came back from death for you and you say, "Jesus, You're my only hope. I am yours from this day on."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Night Vision - #5397
For a long time, God has been equipping folks with the ability to see through the night. You don't even need special goggles. You do need to have a love relationship with God where your heart opens up to things that He wants to show you.