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Something Worse Than Lonely - #6724
Yes, it's a lonely world. Will you walk on Lonely Street again? Yes, you will. But the day you come to Jesus Christ is your last day alone.


Why Your Nest Doesn't Feel Right - #6219
God has much more of Him that He wants you to experience, but it will only happen as you move beyond all your usual security blankets and abandon yourself to total trust in Him. He has so much more He wants to do with your life, but it is beyond your comfort zone.


Can you be an “ex-Christian”?
When you hear somebody describe themselves as an “ex-Christian” or “former Christian,” what’s your reaction?


Abandon - a Christian perspective
Have you ever felt like you've been abandoned? Like there was no one around who cared for you? The Psalmist felt like this on occasion. He cries out to God in Psalm 138 to keep his promise. He urges God to not abandon him--the work of God's hands.