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Get There-itis - #6714
I like Warren Wiersbe's definition of faith. He said, "Faith is the absence of scheming." Are you about to make something happen where you should be waiting for it to happen? The time isn't right yet even though it seems late to you. You're about to pull a Hagar; a tragic hurry-up of God's plans.


Abram - a Christian perspective
Abram--later renamed Abraham--was asked by God to do a truly remarkable thing: to pick up and leave his comfortable life to follow God's promise. He did so, and God went on to reward Him with a long lineage that culminated in Jesus Christ.


Melchizedek in the Bible: Genesis 14:18-20
There Bible doesn't tell us much about Melchizedek beyond that he was a priest of God, and that his line of priesthood is an important one. Some Christians see Melchizedek as an early foreshadowing of Jesus himself.


Abraham in the Bible: Genesis 17:5
When God called Abraham to serve Him, it wasn't just a change of lifestyle or career--it was a call for Abraham to completely transform His identify around faith in God. In this passage, God gives Abram a new name, a new identity, and an amazing promise: that Abram (now Abraham) would go on to be the father of an entire nation.