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Setting Captives Free
Are you a captive of persistent sin? Setting Captives Free can help you find the freedom you seek.

Into Thy Word

Luis Palau Evangelistic Association
Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

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The Thought Detector - #6647
The greatest strongholds for the kingship of Jesus Christ are in our minds, and they can be, and they must be, surrendered to His will.

Drinking Dirt - #6223
Guard your heart as the spiritual reservoir from which you drink all day long. If it's a "bad one," you've got to turn it off if you're serious about really being His man or woman. If you don't want to let dirt into the Holy Spirit's house, filter what you let come in. You wouldn't knowingly let your mouth drink dirt. Well, then, don't let your soul do it!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Learn more about STD's--what they are, and who's at risk.

Revive Our Hearts: Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: An Interview with Ron and Nancy Anderson
After living in a difficult marriage for years, Nancy Anderson told her husband that she was having an affair and was going to leave him. At the lowest point of this marriage, God dramatically intervened and changed both their hearts. Don't miss this touching testimony of God's transforming grace.

Revive Our Hearts: Transformed Women: Meet Vicki Rose
Vicki Rose was grasping for what she thought was a successful life: moving up the corporate ladder, and marrying a restaurant and bar owner. Life began to unravel when her husband became addicted to cocaine, had an affair, and left her with their children. Join Nancy and hear about God’s beautiful plan for her life.

Unfaithful in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus says that anyone who divorces his wife for anything except being unfaithful commits adultery. This contrasted the typical custom of divorcing a woman over pettier circumstances.

Adulteress in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Adultery might look alluring at first glance, but like any sin, it only destroys us in the end. It's not worth it.

Girl Watching - God's Watching - #5906
Both men and women have fallen for a casualness about sex that robs it of its God-given beauty. Like snow, it's beautiful when it's fresh and clean but it's ugly when it's trampled and soiled. Godly men, make that covenant with your eyes not to look lustfully at a girl. Godly women, dress for respect, not attention like the temple of God that you are.

Lust in the Bible: Matthew 5:28
Is it enough to just "do the right things"? Will that make us right with God? Not according to Jesus' famous teaching about lust and adultery, which state that God requires purity of heart as well as of body. That's bad news to anyone who thinks they're righteous before God just because of their perfect outward behavior!

Adultery in the Bible: Matthew 5:27-30
One of Jesus' most revolutionary teachings was that righteousness isn't just defined by your outward actions--it also matters what's in your heart. It's not enough to just "do the right thing" if your heart isn't in the right place. In this famous passage, Jesus teaches that from a spiritual perspective, lust is as dangerous as full-blown adultery.