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Going Not Knowing - #6515
Jesus died for you. Is He ever going to do you wrong? God's mystery trips always lead to a destination that is selected with you in mind for your good. So, why not settle back, enjoy the trip, and let Him drive. Trust your Father and don't be afraid of going not knowing.


Prints in Sand and Cement - #6308
Could it be that you didn't mean to, but you've been caught up in the footprints that you've been making in the sand? It's been so important to make that mark at work, at church, with a group of people you want to impress. Well, are the people close to you losing out to the things that you're involved in? Put your prints in cement, where they'll last, not in sand where they can't last.


Peter LifeGuide Bible Study
Simon Peter was a follower like us--he wanted to be like Jesus, but he struggled with doubts and fears. At times he failed miserably. At other times he was used powerfully by God. This Bible study on the great apostle's life challenges and motivates us to continue to grow in Christlikeness.


Apostle in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 9:1-27
Paul is the most famous apostle in the Bible, and in this passage he gives a defense of the work that he and his fellow apostles are doing.


Saul in the Bible: Acts 9:1-19
It is one of the wonderful ironies of the New Testament that the early church's greatest evangelist started out as its greatest enemy. This is the story of Saul--later renamed Paul--and the encounter with Jesus that led him to stop persecuting the church... and join it.


2 Peter 1: 1-4 - Into Thy Word Ministries
His Divine Power is Given! Peter sends his greetings and blessings with solemn humbleness and intimacy to the people in the faith.


Introduction to Peter - Into Thy Word Ministries
Peter and Jude are writing to Christians who are oppressed, confused, and struggling, seeking to live for Christ in a world that not only does not understand but also persecutes those of the faith. In the midst of the oppressions from the world and family, come people who seek to...


Romans 11:11-36 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Paul speaking to an agrarian culture uses an illustration that all would know and understand intimately. He gives them a warning and at the same time encourages them...