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[Culture Week] Billy Graham Center exhibit explores images of the Cross
For two thousand years, the cross has been a universally recognized symbol of the Christian...

Christian critics respond to the list of Oscar nominees
Next month is the 2009 Academy Awards ceremony, when the best films and performances of 2008 will...

Can a Portrait Help a Person?
On December 12, photographers across the nation will be taking pictures of people for free as...

The unique relationship between Christianity and art
Makoto Fujimura is a celebrated Japanese-American artist and a Christian. His work is on display...

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LWP - Restoring the Arts to the Church: The Role of Creativity in the Expression of Truth
Approximately seventy-five percent of scripture consists of narrative; fifteen percent is expressed in poetic form.

Lausanne World Pulse - Grace in the Gospel: Thai Christian Dance
Thai dance is particularly suitable for worship because of the graceful, non-suggestive movements. This article is a descriptive pictorial.

Soulation | Sturdy Answers. Better Souls.
Soulation home page, updated regularly.

Regent College Conferences & Events :: The Lookout Gallery
The Lookout Gallery was established 1990 as a way of demonstrating the value and centrality of the arts at Regent College. We have shown paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, calligraphy, etc.

Making Love and Radiation with All Star United
It’s been five years All Star United released their last album Revolution (2002). A lot of people thought they must have broken up, especially when front man Ian Eskelin released a solo album, Save the Humans, and went on to produce and write songs for other artists.