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Wearing the Colors, Win or Lose - #6373
Step up to the freedom, the adventure of finally saying, "I belong to Jesus Christ no matter what it costs." And if someone should ask you, "But what if it means you lose?" Answer proudly, "Either way."


Feel - a Christian perspective
When a Christian goes astray, his fellow believers are to make it clear that he has done wrong, so that he'll feel ashamed. But we must keep in mind that a straying Christian is not an enemy; he or she is a member of the family who needs help.


Ashamed in the Bible: Mark 8:38
Jesus has harsh words for those who are ashamed of him: God will in turn be ashamed of them when Christ returns. Faith in Christ is not something to be embarrassed about; it's something we should proudly embrace.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Things We're Ashamed Of - #8022
You know, it’s hard to shake the shame for the things that we’ve done that we thought we would never do; the things we wish we hadn’t done.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What the Pope is Ashamed of - #8044
You know many people have rejected Christ because of the hypocrisy of someone who claimed to be a Christian. It might have been a fallen pastor or televangelist. It could be a Christian leader. Maybe just a Christian friend or family member they knew, and it could be that a Christian hypocrite is the reason that you’ve stayed away from Jesus.


Basilea Schlink : Cowardice
Coward! That seems to be a despicable word. A coward is someone who is afraid to show his allegiance when it costs something, who fears to confess allegiance to his social class, nation or to a certain group and its principles when they are despised...