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Indisputable Orders - #3700
The issue of authority was very clear on the fictional Starship Enterprise. The issue of authority is even clearer in your non-fictional Starship Life. And authority is the defining issue in every situation you face that is beyond your control - maybe like the one you're in right now. And there is no question about who's in charge.

Govern in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians are instructed to respect the governing authorities, paying them their due and not making their lives more difficult. Those put into government roles are given extra responsibilities by God, and Christians should be respectful of that authority and responsibility.

All power in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus states in this verse that all power in heaven and earth is his. Since he is part of the Trinity, he has true authority in all things.

Standing Against The Storm - #5779
You have the same God Hezekiah did, and He is Lord over this seemingly unstoppable storm. It's time for you to do what those Native American young people did last summer; get on your knees and you stand against that storm in Jesus' name. Do a Hezekiah - spread the threat out before your Lord. When you pray, don't focus on the threat, but like King Hezekiah, focus on the greatness and the total sovereignty of the God in whom you are trusting and unleash His authority on that storm!

Government in the Bible: Romans 13:1-7
The Bible does not specify what type of government Christians should work toward. It does, however, instruct Christians to obey the government under which they find themselves living, and to give to others what they are owed--whether it is money or respect.

Obedience in the Bible: Hebrews 13:17
This is another Bible passage that discusses how we are to relate to people put in authority over us. We're to obey and respect them (so long as doing so doesn't disobey God), and we are not to do anything to make their tasks more difficult than necessary.

Service in the Bible: Ephesians 6:5-8
This somewhat controversial passage exhorts slaves to their obey their masters as they do Christ. While this has been taken out of context as support for the evil institution of slavery, it seems rather intended to encourage us to persevere in whatever place life has placed us, secure in the knowledge that the work we do for Christ will last long after earthly authorities have passed away.

Authority in the Bible: Romans 13:1-7
Are Christians exempt from having to follow human laws or pay taxes? Not according to this passage, in which Christians are exhorted to respect earthly authorities, which derive their authority from God. We are, in fact, to be model citizens, showing respect and charity to those in positions of authority over us.

1 Peter 3: 7-12 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Responsibility To Do Good! This passage has two main themes that tie together. The first is the role of the husband whose call it is to love his wife intimately, and with precious care.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Taking it to the Boss - #4206
Authority is really the decisive factor in getting anything done - putting it in the hands of the person who is in charge. Now that is a fundamental secret of getting things done when you pray! Those who understand that mountain-moving faith is about realizing Who's in charge are people who pray with power and who get results.