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Communicators who can't communicate: video humor skit
Lessons here – and laughs – for any communicator in any medium.


Christian evangelism or manipulative propaganda - what's the difference?
Daily Writing Tips is a – well, there's a clue in the title. A valuable email on many different aspects of writing, often about grammar or sentence construction. But a recent topic covered was a bit different – an analysis of 50 types of propaganda. As I read down the list, I began to squirm. Many of these methods sounded awfully familiar. Chillingly so. Manipulative...


Church growth advice - an outsider friendly church website can contribute to church growth
It is not uncommon for church websites to be very inward focused and therefore unable to communicate effectively with outsiders in the community.


Times are bad in the Bible - a Christian perspective
We are told that we should happily accept the good times, but when times are bad we need to consider that God is in charge and has made both the good and the bad. There's a reason for both.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Your Own American Idol - #8003
Well, here’s the reality. Your worth depends on one person. It is the person who gave you your worth in the first place, and we know who that is according to Ephesians 2:10 in the Bible.