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Balak in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Balak, the king of the Midianites, called the prophet Balaam to curse the Israelites, who threatened his kingdom. What happened next was quite unexpected, and certainly not what Balak intended.


4-D Glasses - #2501
You're not looking at just your circumstances, you're looking for your Lord at work, in your phone call, in an accident that was avoided, in a word of encouragement, there's the Lord in that little child, there He is speaking through that powerful storm, in the geese going by overhead, through some unanticipated help in your life. You find yourself thanking God often throughout the day, and you lose the complaining.


Balaam in the Bible: Numbers 22:1-41
This is the story of Balaam, a prophet who was called to both bless and curse Israel. He is best known for his encounter with an angel and a talking donkey.