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Matthew 6: 25-34
Why do we Worry?. The previous passage warned us how possessions can divide our mind so that they control our direction in life. In so doing, they capture our hearts, and then control our will and aspirations.

Matthew 6:19-24
Getting our Hearts Centered On What Is Important. We all need various kinds of possessions in order to live, such as food, housing, transportation, clothing, and such. Jesus is not condemning personal possessions; rather, He is challenging the focus of our hearts.

Matthew 6: 16-18
Fasting that Delights God. When you take a look at our culture, fast food places on almost every corner and countless opportunities to eat whatever you wish, even a committed Christian may never consider Fasting.

Matthew 6: 5-15
The Model Prayer. This passage gives us the quintessential template on how to pray. Jesus is calling us to seek Him with the emphasis on our sincerity so our public prayers are as genuine as our private ones.

Matthew 6: 1- 4
Charity that Pleases God. This passage sets out to proclaim the true lasting motivations for our daily pursuits of giving, praying, and fasting, extending to other pursuits in the coming chapters (6:1-16).

Matthew 5: 43-48
Loving your Enemies. Jesus once again challenges the Pharisees' misunderstanding of the law, and calls for a hard and necessary stand in response to evil, but doing so with goodness and kindness instead of a desire to get even.

Matthew 5:38-42
Responding to Evil. Jesus calls us to an entirely different perspective and outlook of life. He sees the quintessential reason for life, and our being, is relationships. We see our pursuit of material goods and things as what is important in life, but...

Matthew 5: 33-37
Integrity verses Oaths. Oaths in the ancient world were extremely important. They were so important, they were almost acknowledged as currency. The Jews during Jesus time swore to all kinds of things, from serious matters to the trivial.

Matthew 5: 31-32
Marriage is Sacred and Binding. We live in an age of easy divorce and to such a point that we have in the United States what is called "no-fault" divorce, so you can end the marriage without stating a reason!

Matthew 5: 27-30
Lust is Adultery! Jesus cuts right to the root, the heart of the problem with most marriages. Instead of coming out and saying divorce is sin and wrong (which He does later in v. 31), He tells us to be watchful for what leads up to it, trying to save us the strife, confusion, the broke...