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True Woman: When Prayer Doesn’t Work
If prayer is the pipeline through which we communicate with God, do you ever feel like your plumbing is blocked?

True Woman: Five More Prayer Blockers
Yesterday, we examined three areas that Scripture warns can clog up our prayer lives. Today, let’s take a closer look at five more “prayer blockers.”

True Woman: Reflections on Haiti . . . One Year Later
Why do I need a tragedy to open my eyes to the pain and suffering that surrounds me?

True Woman: Losing a Daughter: “From My Arms to His Arms”
Angie wasn’t pregnant with Audrey for very long before she knew something wasn’t right.

True Woman: Angie's Goodbye Letter to Her Daughter
"I cannot see to write these words because my eyes overflow with the tears of a mother who has been asked to give her daughter away."

True Woman: MISTER KITTY!!
Short of moving to a planet with no kitties, people, or other irritations, what’s to be done about this anger spewing out of us

True Woman: Want to see my Christmas gift?
This Christmas, one of my gifts came a little early. Exactly two weeks before her due date, and two days before we were planning to leavefor the nine-hour trek to their home for Christmas, my daughter called to tell me early labor had begun!

True Woman: My Latest Favorite CD
Every time I hear these rich, peaceful arrangements with all Scripture lyrics (can’t beat that!), my heart is calmed, encouraged, and strengthened.

True Woman: Out of Control in the Mountains of Colorado
If you’d seen me—skis and poles flying every which way, kids hurrying out of my way, grown men shouting over their shoulder, “Are you okay?”—you would have laughed or cried ‘til you hurt.

True Woman: Loving Those Relatives!
I always said that if Linda had been different, we could have been the best of friends. But she always seemed to have a wall up, and to keep me at arm’s length.