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Individual in the Bible - a Christian perspective
While all Christians are unique individuals with their own strengths and spiritual gifts, we are also all part of something greater than any of us individually--the body of Christ.

Spiritual gifts in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 12:1-31
This passage gives us perspective on "spiritual gifts" and their place in the church. Gifts are talents and responsibilities bestowed on us by God, and each has its own place in the life of the church--none is "better" or more important than any other; they're all key parts of the whole, just as the various parts of the human body work together.

Support - a Christian perspective
The metaphor of a human body is used to describe Christ's church here. Each individual limb and ligament supports the others, to create a functioning whole body--just as the individual members of a church work together to support the whole.

Work together - a Christian perspective
Just as the different parts of the human body work together, so the different parts (people) of the church are called to cooperate and work together to accomplish the goals of the church.

Community in the Bible: Colossians 1:24
The church of Jesus Christ is referred to here as Christ's body--the medium through which he works here on earth. Just as the different parts of the body coordinate together, so the community of Christ must work together to accomplish its task.

The body in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 12:1-31
This passage is a memorable description of how the diverse members of Christ's church all fit together. Using the analogy of the human body and its many different parts, each with its unique function, we learn that each of us has a special role to play in the kingdom of God. Nobody's talent is "better" than anybody else's--we're all working together to serve the body of Christ.

Body of Christ
Search the Bible for the phrase "body of Christ".

Why Are There Many Different Christian Churches?
If there is one God, why are there so many different churches? Why does each denomination have their own unique interpretation of the Bible? Can't Christians come together and worship as one? This article examines all of these issues and explains how sin and the nature of interpretation play a role.

The Outflow Of The Mind » What I have learned… Part 2
The importance of our story in the grand design of God's grand story. This blog post focuses on a message by Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church and blogger at