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Youth Ministry 3.0
In an effort to get some feedback on an upcoming book he's written, ysmarko of Youth...

What's the best portrayal of good you've seen in a movie or book?
Evil is easy. Not just easy to do, but easy to portray in writing or film. Think about all of the...

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"Enticed by Evil"
Temptation is inevitable, but Dr. Jay Waggoner wants believers to know the biblical principles for defeating temptation. 13 practical chapters (138 pages) get to the point. Also includes outlines and questions for group study.

Digital media are rewiring our brains, says author and researcher
Researcher and author Nicholas Carr has written extensively about the way the Web is rewiring our brains so that we cannot concentrate on longer-lasting tasks such as reading a book.

Social by social: free e-book about using Web 2.0 and social networking for non-profits
It’s just been published by UK’s NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), and is written specifically for the public and non-profit sectors. Essentially it is a valuable practical guide to using Web 2.0 concepts and social networking to communicate effectively. The publishers say: “Social by Social is a practical guide to using new technologies to create social impact. It makes accessible the tools you need to engage a community, offer services, scale up activities and sustain projects. Whoever you are, it shows you how to take technology and turn it into real world benefits.”

Book review: I'm not crazy but I might be a carrier, by Charles Marshall
Comedian and syndicated columnist Charles Marshall demonstrates how to wrap up spiritual truths in 100-200 words of humor. And do it well. And in a way that is accessible to not-yet-Christians. Make a great present too.

Electronic book readers like Kindle - potential for evangelism and Christian ministry
Electronic book devices such as Kindle are probably at the stage that sat-navs were several years ago – rather expensive, a few usability issues, and maybe only for early adopters. But they are surely destined to come down in price, and improve in usability. Jakob Neilsen reviews the Kindle 2 here and is impressed in many areas – he finds his reading speed equal to a paper book – but highlights issues which are not yet optimal. He also posts separately on content design for the Kindle. You can also use the Kindle to send email. As electronic readers gain in popularity we have the opportunity to offer free literature to users in Kindle format, which they can download wirelessly.

Was H L Mencken right? Humor and Christians.
H L Mencken defined Puritanism as ‘The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.’ How sad it is that Christians in general, and the bible in particular, have been frequently perceived as humorless. In fact, the bible, and the ministry of Jesus, are full of humor, and we are therefore mandated to use humor in evangelism and ministry. Check this CT article on Understanding Humor and James Watkins writings, many of which are very accessible to not-yet-Christians. IE Day’s page about humor includes a free download of a classic book and a more recent title on Christianity and humor.

Internet Evangelism books and research studies, many free downloads
The books in this section cover different aspects of internet evangelism, and are mainly free downloads.

Christian communication books - reach unchurched outsiders with the gospel
The books in this section cover different aspects of effective Christian communication and how to reach the unchurched, and are highly recommended.

Internet Evangelism books and research studies, some free downloads
The books in this section cover different aspects of internet evangelism, and are mainly free downloads.

Best books for Christians explaining the Web and digital communication culture
The books in this section explain the nature of the Web and digital communication, and are highly recommended.