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What's the best portrayal of good you've seen in a movie or book?
Evil is easy. Not just easy to do, but easy to portray in writing or film. Think about all of the...

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Reviews of Christian books from discerning reviewers
For reviews of other key Christian books, often within the subject areas of evangelism and communication, see: Christian Book Summaries | The Goodbookstall | Discerning Reader | Books & Culture | Christian Book Previews

Free downloa: Seeker Sensitive Church Web Sites. How to reach outsiders using church sites
This significant 10-page booklet explains the principles of using church websites to reach outsiders. Johnson’s strategy is that a church website ‘intrigue the lost’ and start a relationship-building process to draw people into the fellowship where they will begin to understand the full implications of the gospel.

Free Christian book download and review: Internet Evangelism in the 21st Century
The entire program for a recent web evangelism conference is available in free streamed video (or on DVD, for a very modest sum) and book form. This is a remarkable resource with sessions from some of the most experienced workers in this field.

Book review: The Rough Guide to the Internet, by Duncan Clark, Peter Buckley
If you or those in your church or organisation are not web experts, a secular guide to the Web is very useful. This is a good example. Written in plain English, it covers everything from getting online for the first time to newsfeeds, Internet telephony and advanced tips and tricks guaranteed to turn casual surfers into Net gurus.

Book review: Hooked on the Net by Andrew Careaga
Andrew Careaga, a self-admitted Internet junkie, examines Internet addiction from a solid Christian perspective.

Book review: The Millennium Matrix by M Rex Miller
Miller's compelling thesis is that the church has been located in four different communication cultures over the last 2000 years, and that each one has profoundly influenced the entire fabric of the church - the way it is organized, relates together, and communicates to the outside world. For the first 1500 years until the invention of the printing press, society lived in an 'oral communication culture'.

Book review: Flickering Pixels - How Technology Shapes Your Faith, by Shane Hipps
This is a very significant and strategic book because it explains the way that electronic media, especially computers and the Web, are changing our culture. As we use them, they are in fact using us, in ways we may not realize. For 500 years, Western culture has been a 'left-brain' print-based communication culture, where we could express everything in 26 alphabetic characters. The way we preached the gospel, structured our Christian activities and systematized our theology - all have been completely shaped by print. But now technology is rapidly changing this print culture. When the medium changes, the message is changed too. Effective evangelism must take account of these changes.

The Jesus Manifesto - reviews of a key Christian book
The Jesus Manifesto book was published recently, to much comment and interest. Read reviews.

Free e-books on using Facebook and fan pages for non-profits, churches etc
Internet marketing company Hubspot are offering a free 30-page PDF e-book explaining how to set up and use Facebook fan pages. Although this is in the context of marketing a company via Facebook, much of the information is very helpful to anyone starting or maintaining a fan page for non-profit, church, ministry or evangelism. Best introduction I’ve seen on the subject.

Free e-books on Search Engine Optimization, web writing and style
The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization is a free download about a vital subject. Many Christian sites receive only a fraction of the visits they deserve because simple optimization techniques have not been applied to them.