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Church evangelism: short story about using your church website for evangelism
“We need more lodgers,” said Maria Silversmith to her husband Milo one evening. Ten years back, they had bought their large rambling house to accommodate six children as well as two elderly relatives. With only the two younger children now left at home, the house seemed achingly empty, even with the presence of Tim their lodger, who had become like one of the family. “Let’s make a webpage, then people looking for lodgings can easily find us,” suggested Milo.


Christian website design: plan a Christian web site and assess your target audience
People sometimes ask me, “I’m a novice. How do I start to design a website for our church or Internet ministry.” I think most are expecting a crash course in HTML or web-page design. And those can be important considerations. But the most important are nothing to do with technology. I tell people, “The first thing to do is answer two questions: 1. Who’s your target audience? 2. And what’s your purpose?


Book review: �title
It is said that only 25% of evangelicals succeed in sharing their faith verbally in any one year. It’s obviously a big hurdle for many of us, and Chap Bettis isolates the issues and shows how to: • pray effectively for evangelistic opportunities • build genuine relationships with non-Christians • develop the stories of God's work in our lives • recognize evangelistic doors that God is opening • easily transition to spiritual matters • followup after a conversation


Book review: How to Communicate with Those Outside the Christian Community While We Still Can, by Tim Downs
The biblical concept of ‘sowing’ as compared with ‘reaping’ is explained. The book demonstrates how to: * bring up spiritual subjects with busy and distracted people. * use secular movies and books to talk about biblical ideas. * overcome prejudice and stereotypes in our listeners. * keep open doors of communication with even hostile opponents. * move everyone we meet a step closer to the Gospel.


The Hammer In God's Hands - #5800
The hammer that hits us in our life can either break us or build us. If we'll turn to God when we're getting hit, looking for His purposes and His message, that hammer can build us into something we've never been before.


Wise woman in the Bible - a Christian perspective
A wise woman is one who builds her household up, preparing for the future. By contrast, a foolish woman is only interested in tearing it down.


"Build" in the Bible: Psalm 127:1
Without God, any human endeavor is destined to fail. But when God builds something, it is guaranteed to last. This should prompt us to always seek God's blessing before embarking on a plan, spiritual or otherwise.