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Today's Devotional: The Difference between Doing and Being
In the following devotional, Chuck Swindoll ruminates on a question he was asked 30 years ago for...

Today's devotional: becoming a person of character
In a handful of places throughout the Bible, an individual is singled out by the text and...

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Faith is Both a Noun and a Verb
When parents are fleshing out their faith and living out their days with joy and honesty, their children will be attracted to it. Children want something that is real; they want to follow someone who is genuine. Your example—in victories and challenges, in successes and sins, in forgiveness and accountability— can lead them toward an […]

Good Wood - #6657
The fire turns spiritual wimps into spiritual warriors. So, rejoice as you see what you are becoming or can become through heat-treating, and only through heat-treating. You are becoming a heavy hitter in the hands of Almighty God.

Joseph LifeGuide Bible Study
Joseph was able to live in forgiveness and hope, and God did great things in his life every step of the way. Paul Borthwick invites you to explore Joseph's story as a way toward discovering how God's dreams might be fulfilled in and through you.

The Cleanup Imperative - #5894
God is not impressed with your abilities, with your great résumé, with your connections, your education, or your credentials. He doesn't care about your cash. He doesn't care about your charisma. All He cares about is your character! He is looking for clean! Getting rid of the dirt, staying clean, that is how you qualify to be an instrument in the hands of Almighty God.

Perseverance in the Bible: Romans 5:1-4
The apostle Paul writes that we aren't just to endure suffering and persecution--we're to patiently persevere in the knowledge that God uses trials to shape us into better and more Christlike people.

Moral in the Bible - a Christian perspective
These few verses in Psalm 19 point to how one becomes moral: by following the law of the LORD, following His precepts and fearing Him. By doing so, we will develop the character of a moral person.

Living Proof - #5737
God doesn't say they'll be impressed with your arguments or your persuasive words. It will be your persuasive life. The random acts of kindness, the words of encouragement, your temper under control, the cleaned up mouth, the way you treat and talk about your mate, or your children, or your parents, your unselfishness, or the way you just put others ahead of yourself.

Character in the Bible: Romans 5:3-5
What does godly character look like? This passage teaches us that it is born out of suffering and perseverance, and blossoms into hope and faith in Christ.

Beauty in the Bible: Proverbs 31:30
It's natural for humans to notice and praise physical beauty, but this passage reminds us that there's more to true, spiritual beauty than just your outward appearance. In God's eyes, a gracious and righteous character are more important and lasting than good looks or fancy clothes. Beauty will inevitably fade--but a solid character remains a blessing throughout your entire life.

Colossians 3:12-14 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Call to Develop Character! God loves you! He chose you to be one of His holy people, so you must clothe yourself in His love and principles.