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Compassion without Religious Allegiance
Can compassion be considered a universally accepted ethical and religious standard? Karen...

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In need - a Christian perspective
True faith should manifest itself in compassionate and loving actions. If you ignore somebody with an obvious need, you're not showing the love of God to others.

Steadfast love - a Christian perspective
One thing we have been promised is that despite the various ways we sin and screw things up, God's steadfast love will never leave us. It is because of this unflagging compassion that we are not fully condemned.

Helpless in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus' compassion underlined everything he did. Here, while he was traveling around Israel preaching, he is moved by the helplessness of the harassed and oppressed people who gather to hear him.

Compassion in the Bible: Isaiah 63:7-9
This passage shows us the extent of God's great compassion. God hates to see his people suffer, whether through their own actions or somebody's else's--and when we suffer, God feels and understands our distress. And even more, he delights in lifting us our of our suffering.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Someone to Share the Load - #4253
All around us, there are people who are carrying a heavy load they should not have to carry alone. But most of us are so preoccupied with our own burdens that we have little or no time to lighten someone else's. And yet, we who follow Jesus, are following a Savior of whom the Bible says, "When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them..." (Matthew 9:36)

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Life That Matters - #3906
If you do just what comes naturally, you'll live the kind of life most people do - self-focused, self-centered, self-serving. But a life that's only as big as you are is too small to live in. And you may be feeling that emotional and spiritual claustrophobia right now. Business as usual is just not satisfying the restlessness in your heart. Your life is full, but not really fulfilling. Find your own Calcutta. Find some people who need you and start pouring your life out for them. The lid will come off your life.

Matthew 9: 35-38 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Compassion of Jesus! This passage is a summary of Jesus’ teaching, ministry, and example, from chapters five through nine. Here is the model of faith and practice we are to follow from the quintessential Model Himself, our Lord.